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  1. Going to start my next grow with 6" pots for veg (4 weeks) in mg peat moss :( and Espoma soil 50-50 mix with perlite base and some vermiculite. Not going to add nutes maybe just some molasses in the watering.

    Thoughts? Don't have access to anything else outside of what's at home depot. Miracle grow nutes, dynamite Shultz cactus.
  2. Miracle grow no good
  3. I know MG is no good. My first grow was MG potting soil and I got 4oz from two plants. I want to do better this time now that I will have a 400w mh/hps (did 300w cfl before) but there is nothing by me. I am ordering FF organic (and mix with organic top soil and EWC for flowering and only using this setup for flowering. Not going to feed them anything outside of molasses as the peat and Espoma Plant tone soil (5-3-3) have some nutes. I will go with FF big bloom in flowering. I might need some dolomite lime for this flowering as it may be too acidic due to the MG peat.
  4. This is what I can get my hands on now:

    Organic top soil
    MG organic soil (potting and garden)
    MG organic fert (blood meal 12-0-0, bone meal 6-9-0 and organic choice concentrate)
    Alaskian Fish Fert
    Schultz cactus juice 2-7-7
    Dynamite foliage 18-6-8
    Dynamite annuals 13-13-13
    Dynamite mater magic(organic)
    Colorburst 15-30-15
    Espoma organic soil, garden lime and soul acidifier
    Vigoro tomato and veg 12-10-5
    Vigoro all purpose 24-8-16
    Holland bulb booster 9-9-6

    Anything you recommend?

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