6 potential mother plants...need some advice

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  1. alright so i have these 6 plants. they sprouted about a month ago. i just turned the light cycle to 12/12 to see which ones will be my mothers for a sog that is in the process. when i find out which ones are female ill switch back to 18/6 to reveg them.

    so my main question is......

    how do i turn these into bonsi plants. ive read a couple stickies about how to do it but i get confused and dont know what their talking about. any help would be greatly appreciated. and as you can see they are LST'ed )i dont know if that makes a difference):smoking:

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  2. ...psst...bend them everyday and tie it up with something, but it may be a lil late for that...do u wanna do this...[​IMG]

    If so you need to do it when theyre younger because if you break the stem now, it'll be a waiste ontop of being very mad.
  3. Just to let you know, it is kind of hard on plants going from vegging for a month to bloom for a couple weeks then back veg again. All cannabis plants will eventually show their sex in veg. As far as the bonsai question, this different from LST. The main objective is to turn the bottom two side shoots into main growing tips. You do this by cutting the top of the plant to redirect the growth into these side shoots. When you have your plant bent in half back to the main stem, this is not possible. Read the bonsai thread again. Good luck.
  4. I would have to disagree here. That is ONE way but not the only way. The objective is to keep a plant small. LST and FIM/topping can do the trick.

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