6 plants, a hoophouse, and the California sun

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    Let me know what you guys think!

    2 Blue Dream
    2 Do si do
    2 Platinum OG

    Got them as clones, put them in some planters and then turned them over to that Cali sun! Half are getting Fox Farm nutes (Grow Big/Tiger Bloom), half are getting a medley of Down to Earth nutes.

    I think I screwed up this year by keeping them in a 7 gallon pot and not moving them up to the 15 gallon. Also started feeding them nutes sort of late, like mid July (rooted in May)

    No mistakes only lessons! goodmorning beautiful.JPG

    2 front left are the Platinum OGs pretty deep into flowering
    2 back are the Blue Dreams, still vegging and starting to flower
    2 front right are the Dos a Dos, also vegging and starting to flower

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  2. It's called "Do Si Do" like the western dance move
  3. Ahh got it, western dance movies... the best kind
    Right on man!

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  4. Some people call it "Do Si Dos" too.
  5. Ahh got it, all my labels are wrong lol
  6. Sorry I'm just baked watching YouTube MMA videos. Not trying to be a douche :)
  7. They look great! Nice little hoop house you have there.

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