6 on 6 off light cycle

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by evilhoodlem, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. SO i was wondering. During the flowering stage the plant needs 12 hours of darkness each day.

    What if you had your lights for 6 hours on.. 6 off, 6 hours on.. 6 off.

    There would be still 12 hours of light and dark.

    would this work or would the plant think it has a 12 hour day?

  2. If you would be able to explain that to your plants...yeah. ;)

    If not you'd likely end up with hermies and/or minimal yield.
  3. I would think this would net you with a hermaphroditic plant in the end or a really shocked plant but who knows. I honestly can't say I have heard of anyone trying this
  4. it needs 12(or so) consistent hours of darkness. even slight interruptions, in the order or seconds, will disrupt the flowering cycle. it doesnt take any time at all for photoreceptive cells to activate their process, and that immediately stops flowering progress.

    my guess is that it would stay vegetative, and wouldnt be that harmful as a result. will probably result in excess stretching though
  5. yeah i never tired it, so i wouldnt know.

    My guess the plant would think it is in a vegetative state. Or maybe be like an autoflowering plant...

    Maybe this will make a fun experiment later on down the road.
  6. there's nothing to experiment. there is a compound in the leaves that degrades in light, and the plant requires the compound to return to its night state for so many hours in order to flower. it's how the plant knows when to flower, in the wild the nights get to 12 hours of darkness around when the plants flower, and that's no coincidence.
  7. That's not fully correct. The plant needs 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness.
  8. I would go with whats been proven,instead of experimenting,it good to be curious but curiosity killed the cat!
  9. What a brilliant idea, while we are on the subject, how about if i hook up some flashing Xmas LED lights?
    They are off half the time and on half the time, will that count as 12 hours off 12 hours on?
  10. I'll also make sure that they are the red spectrum!
  11. The reason it is 12/12 is because that is the same light cycle they would get OUTDOORS in their natural habitat. Marijuana was meant to flower at 12/12, so what your thinking of would be completely counterproductive.

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