6 New Plants (pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Texas Finest, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. This is my first ever grow, Their about 6 days old. the pic is a little blurry, ill take a new one tonight.[​IMG]
  2. Is it your first ever photograph as well??
  3. Lawl.

    By the way, it's not smart to have more than 1 plant grow in 1 pot.
  4. Couldn´t agree more, one plant per pot max. Otherwise their roots tangle.
  5. So how do you intend to transplant those?
  6. carefully dig all of them out now with your hands or if some are deep a spoon to help.... put them all in their own little container the bottom half of pop bottles work well, even 20oz ones to get them going
  7. dont forget to make holes in the bottom
  8. And when they show sex put the girls into as BIG a pot as you can find/handle.
  9. Theres no point. If those are bagseed plants growin, toss em. Not worth transplanting and seeing them stress and shit. Just germinate, but this time, 1 seed per pot.
  10. nice plants man. they are great and transplanting them is easy. people on this site are dumber then fuck lol. dont toss em that guy who said that is a fag and will prolly come back with oh ya i ben growing 4 many years now lol or some shit lol. trust me the plants roots wont get tangles i grow mine all in one big container and grow 30 at a time as long as you have pealite or some type of lose bottom and a thick surface they will beable to support themselves and you only have to break the surface soil and then the pealite whatever is crumbly and easy to work with. i do this when i have no small pots left or when i wanna do some hydro plants
  11. Those things will be begging for new pots sooner than you think, I started my grow all chillin and shit next thing I know I am doing work, growing good buds takes mad work man. I would start by planting them into seperate pots then watch them really close, they grow fast. JOE>
  12. Yeah I would transplant them now. They are to close to the sides of the pot I grew a plant once that was right next to the side and the roots began to grow long the outside of the potting soil. I did't have it properly draining and the roots got rottened by being exposed to too much water. That is what a oldtimer told me is what happened to it. Just lossen the soil and remove them and plant them in the ground or 1 per container. After your able to tell their sex throught out the males and grow the females.
  13. well you dont have to put them in one pot, u can grow all 6 in one plant, they will jsut be short and less yeild,and if theirs any males, kill them :)

    but best bet is to transport all of em in seperate pots. its not worth waiting till theirs a problem
  14. Only ever have one plant per pot.

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