6 months of hard work finally starting to pay off

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  1. the last 6 months for me have been very exciting and also very difficult, when i thought about 'growing weed' i thought how hard can it be? as alot of people probably think, its only when u start to grow u relise theres alot more to it than just stickin a seed in a pot and watering it.
    i started my grow in march of this year with high hopes (no pun intended), id had alot of seeds from bag weed and thought i would plant them all(20ish) this is where i met my 1st problem, alot of them didnt germinate.. but with around 10 germinated seeds i planted them outside in pots.. i waited days and days and finally 8 of the 10 sprouted.
    very excited i thought this was amazing. i took pictures and told my friends! quite funny when i think back as they were only seedlings.
    they continued to grow and all reached a good 12 inches when the worst happened... i live high up on a mountain in spain and it gets very windy here in march april time, it was even so windy it blew my logcabin roof off! but thats a different story.
    anyway the wind came and blew for a good week, the first day i left my plants in the same place. They got beaten up bad some were upsidedown and others looking very droopy. but my biggest, snapped near enough rite in half.. i was gutted.
    i put soil around the break and hoped for the best and luckily it came back fine!
    i lost one of the small ones tho and was now left with 7.
    now the wind was gone i transplanted them all to bigger pots and they were all growing fine... next thing i get a knock on the door... police!:eek:
    i was of cause shitting myself i didnt want to lose these plants and i didnt want to get a fine lol.... it turns out the police were here because of an unregistered bike on my land so i was clear.. the funny thing was they were stood just meters away from my plants and didnt even notice..
    the next stage was sexing i knew what to look for as i have a gd friend who knows his stuff and helped me along the way..
    my biggest seemed to show sex the soonest a female. seeing those little white preflowers is amazing! so exciting to know you have a female! deffinate bud!
    i waited what seemed for ever but one by one they showed there sex....all female apart from 2 smallers that STILL havt showed sex...
    so i have 5 girls very lucky i thought. I now decided to put them in the ground as they would have more root space. the day i was digging the holes i noticed one of my girls was very yellow and leaves droopy( very cose to death) i put them all in the ground and they shot up amazingly.. even the yellow one turned back to green and with fertalising them it came bk in 3 weeks..
    anyway they carried on growing bigger and bigger. I watched them as they shot past a meter...
    the next step was budding i knew this would b the most exciting bit of all. BUT, i hit yet another problem..
    ph problems.
    all my plants were getting yellow leaves and dying off. i searched the internet for the problem and soon narrowed down the problem my ph was 7.4... way too high... i started adding vingar which corrected the ph and i also bought a special bloom fertiliser for flowering plants..these worked great and all my plant started flowering
    it was very exciting and still is.. i then hit another problem 2 weeks ago...
    i had a hermi!:eek: i dug it out of the ground and put it back in a pot at the back of the house so now i have 4 girls and one hermi...
    now today my plants are looking better than ever! budding so nice!
    i have some pics but its of them in the 1st week of flowering i will update picks soon, of them now! i hope i didnt bore you too much with my story and hopfully others can learn from my problems i wanted to post my story to make others relise who want to grow that its not that simple!my plants are now 3 or 4 weeks away from harvest and i cant wait, any comments apreiciated and same with rep:D lol,
    take a look at my pics.......:hello::smoke:

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  2. nice man, i wanna grow :< where are you from ?
  3. more pics coming in 10 mins:D
  4. these are today

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  5. u got some beautiful sativas there mat. nice grow. peace, e :bongin:
  6. il post some more picks in bout a week and then some of my harvest!
    should be a big one:D
    anymore comments anyone???:smoking:
  7. excellent plants and a oddly wonderfully rugged landscape. My plant has been growing since March too and I can hardly wait until I can harvest.

    I thought you'd never ask ;-)



  8. lol chears i like them:smoke:
    yh thats rural spain for ya nothin but mountains and almond trees... and very gd for growin... you got a pick of your plant to show?
    chears for the comment
  9. Looks like some good bud there bud. Keep up the good work.
  10. hay caramba! lookin good!
  11. more pics coming very soon
  12. unfortunatly im having to kill my hermi tonite as he/she has pollenated part of my biggest plant even tho its round the back of the house... some its bye bye trani... il smoke the buds tho .....nothin wrong with abit of low grade weed if its ur own:rolleyes:
    heres one of my nicest buds anyway... so far

  13. very nice lookin plants man, have you been using the LST method at all? or just topping / fimming these plants? they look HUGE!!
  14. yh iv been lst'in them and they just took off.. there bout upto my neck and bout a meter wide on average with loads of bud sites ... unfortunatly we had a bad storm last nite and they got abit battered but not brocken any stems thank god. buds are lookin v nice now il update pics soon :smoke:
  15. looks like a christmas tree
  16. cant wait to see how much you get at harvet!

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