6 months into flower, no signs of buds????

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    Hey all, lets get right to it.
    I am in week 6 of flower on my tangerine dream plant (from seed), and it shows no signs of budding, it has definitely stretched.  I am using a waterfarm, under 2 600w LEDs (yes they are red spectrum) in a 5x5 tent with three other plants that just went into flower (transition.  I am seeing some leaves getting discolored, is that from the lights? bleaching?  Its not close to the LEDs..  anyway, back to my Tangerine Nightmare), 1/2 cal mag (every other week) and GH nutes (beastie bloomz starting week 4),  the expert feeding schedule -1/2 strength, topping off the water every day or two with r/o, rez changing every week.  My ph and ppms have been at reasonable levels, my temps stay between 72-85, and have stopped training/pruning since week 3 of flower.
    Since week 4, I have topped off with r/o for two days, then with 1/4 strength beastie bloom and r/o.  I believe that over nuted the P and K, as my leaves have turned yellow and brown from the outer edges in, maybe not?  So I have stopped doing that, and went back to straight r/o.  Currently I am on the mid-bloom phase of flowering, and wonder if I should continue onto late bloom, stay at midbloom, or go back to early bloom.
    The plant is big for the container, and drinks about 1/2 the rez each day. not enough nutes??
    I wonder if I am not giving it enough nutes throughout the week, but I would imagine that slows the growth or produced less buds, not halt budding altogether. Ive never heard of a plant in 12/12 not budding. Any ideas?  Any solutions?
    Thanks guys!
    IMAG0599.jpg IMAG0600.jpg IMAG0601.jpg IMAG0603.jpg IMAG0605.jpg IMAG0607.jpg

  2. ummmm. have you switched light cycle to 12 on 12 off?
  3. oh yea for sure.  the 5x5 tent is my 'flowering tent" and has 12/12 cycle set up.  From wyhat I understand, that alone should put them into flower
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    I only got on my mind is either a male or hemp.Just keep growing and see what happens later on.
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    Ill keep this post updated, but I got feminized seeds, I believe the are from Barney's farm, so its reputable.  I havent seen any seeds form either.  It looked so pretty before the leaves started turning.  The roots are super white too.
  6. help?  i think im going to dial back to mid bloom, go r/o top off two days, then nute top off 2 days.  cant think of anything
  7. Are they any flowers at all...? Pistils or any signs of male flowers?
  8. its weird that after 6weeks in flower that they aint showing ant thing at all,,,tangerine dream is sativa dom so maybe it should have been left in veg a little longer before flowering ,,,,,,,mac
  9. we'd need to see closer shots of the bud sites to check
    for male pods, otherwise your plant doesn't want to stop
    vegging for whatever reason lol
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    How far away is the led? Those things are intense and you have 2 600w. I'd keep those a minimum of 2 feet from the canopy. I was going to suggest a ph problem but you said it's fine. According to your post everything is fine. There's no reason it shouldn't be flowering. Hopefully something will happen though. You may just have to chock it up as a loss. You could cut a few clones and veg longer like Mac said and maybe that will help. Usually I have some kind of relative suggestion but you have me stumped man. Maybe a light leak or something but I doubt it in a tent and you'd still see some kind of flowers. The first pic looks like they are potassium deficient in a few spots but it could be nutrient burn. If they don't have enough potassium you won't see very big buds.
  11. Probably a man lol

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