6 kids missin in our town... scary

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. in my little town of less than 30,000 ppl, 6 kids have gone missing since thursday... thats some scary shit, all of them were in my grade and the one below me, one of them was even kinda my friend. They think they were kidnapped too because there was nothing unusal going on in their lives... its kinda getting me freaked out, hope there okay....
  2. yeah that is some wierd shit, you will probably find out that they are out camping or hiding and giving everyone a huge scare though. but who knows hopefully they are all right
  3. noway...
    that is sum messed up crap.

  4. yeah in know, i didn't even know tell today, i guess they were lieaving it under wraps or somthing
  5. i hope they're ok... if it's a prank it's not a funny one.

    some kid was just kidnapped around here last week. the people dropped him off a few hours later though... guess they got the wrong kid.
  6. perhaps body parts will start turnin up here and there...?

    but on a serious note... that's fucken scary, and messed up.... who could be next?!?!?!
  7. Stuff like that is fucked. i am glad i never been around anything like that. but then again .,it can happen to anyone.,
  8. It bothers me when things like this happen!

    I'd go fucking crazy if on\e of my kids were missing!
  9. well id like to keep ppl updated, but it hard to when they dont give you any info on anything!!! It seems to me like the town is acting like it hasn't happened. It's a little freaky, i think we better get scobby-do on the case!

    (hmmmm scobbysnacks!)
  10. did they all dissappear on the same day? were they friends? any info of that sort

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