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  1. 25 watt very quiet and low volume, but won't really know until you get it, could be used as a booster fan?
  2. What's your lighting? I'd say pass. I have a six inch just like that, thought it was gonna kick ass but really doesn't pull or move any air. I just baught an actual six inch inline fan not a ducting fan and it pulls air and brings down the temps a lot better. And if your thinking about attaching a carbon filter cut your cfm in half for that fan. Don't make the same mistake as me! Save your money and get an actual inline bro! I wish I did haha
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    Please read this post on different fan types, that's an axial fan and you want a mix-vent or (most often) an inline centrifugal blower: http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-room-design-setup/594150-ventilation-faq.html

    A fan like that might run a small lighting cooltube loop, but won't have enough static pressure to push air through ducts and carbon filters.

    For anything using a 400W light or above, you'll need a serious fan that can sustain high CFM under pressure, like this 70W 409CFM 6" Sunleaves Windtunnel

  4. Now thats a BREEZE ...lol

  5. It will be running a 130w cfl with the potential of another two 45w cfls

    it is a 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6m sized tent

    the 6" inline has been ordered however it is potentially going to be used for intake.

    what size fan and carbon filter would be needed to fit the fan dimensions above?

    Thanks everyone for all your help!
  6. that fan will work fine i have one hooked up to my carbon filter sucking air through and out of my room works good for a$40 fan i have a 600 watt light and i dont smell anything out side the grow room. u may need a little bit more in the summer months but i havent gone through one yet. i have a 8 in vortex and it is collecting dust at the monent, i went a little over kill when i first started. air movement is a key element. you need a good intake hole and passive air pressure to make it work. it works for me and im sure people will think im full of shit but it works fine and long as u r not useing a lot of bends in the ducting. they have a setup at the grow store that has one on it too just my 2 cents
  7. ^ cheers man, what size carbon filter would you suggest?

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