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6 foot tall bushy female, what do you think she'll yield?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by iheartgrowing, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Hey guys, bassically i have a 6 foot tall marijuana plant, female. im planning on letting her grow about another 2 months from now. The white hairs showed up a couple days ago and are about 1/2 inch long. I have 2 basic quetsions.

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    1) If the plant reaches 6 feet, how much bud is possibe?
    2) I've had white hairs for 5 days now, when will the bud show up?

    Thanks so much for your time guys!

    Quck vid - [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSLUIU_pCSI"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSLUIU_pCSI[/ame]
  2. It's hard to say, I'm guessing it going to grow a significant amount more.
  3. If that plant is 6 feet tall then you're like what, 6 foot 8?

    1. Possible, About 4 pounds. Probable. About 1.
    2. Depends on where you live. You should be well into flowering at this point though. Your plants should finish, depending on strain, sometime in October. So look for decent size buds by early/mid September.
  4. That isnt bushy plant.
    I guessing about 50 g
  5. I would say you should expect around 100 grams. Your getting a lot of different answers because guessing the yield on such a young plant is hard. Start adding some good bloom nutes at half strength and keep her happy and you will get plenty of pot.

    Buds are just tightly packed clusters of Cannabis flowers. Some plants could produce a vibrant, peddled flower at the end of the main stem such as a rose. Some plants could produce a ball full of juices as a flower such as an orange tree. Cannabis, produces tons of little tiny flowers(or calyxs), each only the size of... say a pot seed. Each bud is made up of a bunch of them close together. So if you see hairs on your plant right now you technically have flowers on your plant. You just won't start seeing a bud fromation develop untill more calyxs are produced. And don't worry, where you see one, more will closely develop around it.

    With that being said you can tell how guessing yield involves a lot of variables and can prove to be pretty inaccurate. Just add those nutes and you'll have more flowers being made, bigger buds being formed, and an increased yield.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  6. I forget to mention. If your plant is 6 feet when it begins to flower... Your looking at possibly chopping down a 10 foot plant. Just be ready for a place to go with that sucka. haha :)
  7. Why did you post a thread about having a 5 foot tall marijuana plant, and then post one about having a 6 foot tall one? How'd it grow a foot in a couple hours?

  8. lol i saw that too...

  9. mine are 6 ft right now and its on the verge/just starting to flower. your saying they might be 10 ft tall by the end of the season:eek: holy shit.
  10. exactly, lmao. a 10 foot plant, that would blow my cover. and the reason i reporsted is cause i made a typo, dorry bout that. and what are nutes or whatever? (this is my very first grow)
  11. nutrient, fertilizer. you want high Nitrogen for veg and high Phosphorous and somewhat high potassium for flower with a little nitrogen. fox farms grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom are the staple for cannabis growing but there are lots of nutes on the market. your standard miracle grow will even help if use correctly

    and a 10 ft plant worries me a bit too lol. i saw some kind of bug spraying helicopter near my house today....
  12. I use ONLY 2 nutrients. And those are (For veg=Miracle Grow: All Purpose Plant Food 18-24-6) (For flower=Miracle Grow: Bloom Booster 15-30-15) Miracle Grow is a fine nutrient to use for Marijuanna, Dont let anybody tell you diffrent (* Half Strength Feedings for these Nutes *):smoking:
  13. how is the way to dry bud in a tent and also is ripen a good feed to add during 1st week of flush??
  14. Dont use chems whatever you do. Organic is only way to grow.
  15. I swear. As time goes on questions get more incomprehensible and even more stupid. Its called fucking GOOGLE. If you can even word the question properly.

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  16. And if that is a six foot tall, bushy plant then I am an 8 foot tall midget with a 12 foot cock. I mean fucking SERIOUSLY!

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  17. LMAO. This thread is 6yrs old. And that's a 3 foot plant at most.
  18. Hey bro, do you like being trolled? Did you read the original post to see that he said IF it grows to 6 feet tall

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