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  1. Hi all, Iv been lurking the forums for a couple years now and finally have something worth posting here is my 6 foot 3 in bag seed monster. she is also about 7 feet wide in every direction. now onto the pics let me know what you think. she started budding 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. hoping to have her harvested middle of October.:hello:


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  2. what a beauty
  3. She does look real healthy, but you have a ways to go with her. I guess CC means Cali, so you you should have no problem letting her go til November.
  4. So, how's she doing? Any updates? What kinda nutes?

    Well done, sir:smoke:
  5. how much would you be able to get from that?
  6. 4-5 oz easy. if conditions are right, i wouldn't be surprised if it was more.

    The monsters in a 5 gal bucket, no doubt the root ball is taking up most of that space. Im betting the buds are humongous by now if no deficiency pops up.

    To OP:
    She still has a good 20-30 days left by now yeh? depending on strain. post some bud shots.

    Do you have a 20-30x microscope to look at trichs?

  7. The Monster is actually planted in the ground, i'm hoping for at least a P. to who i quote do you realize who i am, read my info, kinda funny how the internet links people.
  8. my outdoor in 10 gallon holes were that tall but not near as big around and i got at least 7oz per plant. i had a whole lot better flower to leaf ratio than youve got goin on though, she is 1 leafy bitch. and your gonna work you ass off cleanin her up, but im sure it will be worth every minute.

    very beautiful plant.
  9. ok im high, thought i saw a bucket. an yes i know who you are. Did you dig a hole an put new soil in? or straight into the ground? Pound could happen. depends ona few things tho.
  10. Thinking back on the soil/hydro we had from back in the day kinda makes me sad. im sure we both have come a long way from that. obviously i can see this plant.

    I had a single plant in bubble bucket, almost the same size as your outdoor. once a plant becomes a bush you feel proud, like a father seeing a child grow hah. Its a great experience.

    glad to see a quality bush coming from the CC

  11. New Update
    The plant was planted in a 2x2x2 approximatively hole with master nurser all organic bumper crop soil and good old cali dirt. I Cut started cutting her down on the 15th of October and had her completely cut down by the 18th. here are some more pics.

    Lower Branches Gone

    Weed Bonzi Tree:smoke:

    A Cola

    Half Of The Finished Product. Total Yield 1.25 Pounds Dried and Jarred. Total Shown In Picture 4 Jars have 1.5 Oz 2 Jars have 1 Oz and The Buds Are Around .5 Oz With s Grand Picture Total Of .6 pounds
  12. hahahaha,that's freak'n awesome! :smoking:
  13. i think i just came...
  14. Buds still may shrink a little due to the cure, but what a harvest! I still say you could have let it go a few more weeks. Did you take a look at the trichomes with a microscope?
  15. i didnt have a chance to look at the tri with a microscope. i know it could have gone atleast 2 more weeks but i decided to pull it due to a yellowing part of the cola/ the rain was coming and i didnt want to chance broken branches/ mold/ getting jack as you could smell it from 2 doors over at a restaurent/ high cop traffic.
  16. haha, i bet you could smell it for more than 2 doors over.

    did you grow in the last couple seasons?
  17. That is one BEAUTIFUL plant. Cant wait to see trimmings :}

  18. probably i know when we were trimming you could smell it down the street every time the door opened. i grew last year out doors for the first time since we tried but this was my first success. but since iv had my script for almost 2 years now i plan on continuing growing.
  19. omg i ejaculated. the jars full of weed man:eek:

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