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6$ dispensary weed got me ripped lol

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 979069, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. its called ocean view and its on special. smoked a 0.4 last night and it got me fried. the bud has like no smell and looks kinda crappy but dam it got me good. how does this work lol? the buzz was around 2hours as well. going to buy more lol
  2. If it had no smell, perhaps it was improperly cured?
  3. I vend fire five grams to to shops in my area. Usually just quickly dried, barely trimmed, and not cured. People on a budget love it.
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  4. If it does the trick for you - good score.
    Everyone loves to see pretty and aromatic bud, but if it is smokable and provides the desired effects, then it's okay. :love-m3j:
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  5. Fuck I wish I lived in a legal state! There is no such thing as $6 weed here. Not to mention the lack of any info on what I am able to buy.
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    im not on a budget, but why does it matter if it has no smell. gets me ripped the same as a $10 strain would lol. as long as a pinner gets me ripped im good, and i usually smoke 0.3-0.4 at a time
  7. Then why are you buying six dollar Gs hmmmm? Jk . They didn't cure it properly. Last years harvest. Old bud can lose its smell if stored improperly.
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  8. im being smart coz a 0.4 of this weed gets me high the same as like $10 weed would. and its awesome it has no smell i can bring it anywhere and not worry lmao
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  9. Because prices don't make weed better.

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