6 days of 12/12, no sex

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Harmonic, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. 4 white widows, almost a week into 12/12 and no sex shown.

    They are in very small pots, could being root-bound delay sexing?

  2. root bounding can definitely cause delay, however it's also not abnormal to take longer than a week to sex. I'd give it 2 before worrying.
  3. Hell, if all my ladies sex'd within 6 days I'd be a happy camper... most of mine can take anywhere from 12days to 20 in flower before showing sex... give 'r time.
  4. Yeah you're probably right. I have them in small pots until they show sex, then ill move the females into huge pots and chuck the males into the dumpster
  5. sounds like a plan. should work out just fine.

  6. If they aren't ready, than they aren't ready. Just give it some time, I went nearly 3 weeks without showing sex on 12/12, and then out of nowhere she started flowering.


  7. 3 weeks, fucking a. My white widows have slowed down their upward growth alot, and they're not showing flowers, so I'm just anxious about the size of the pots and I'm in a hurry to transplant.
  8. My white widow took 12 days to show sex.

    Also, have you checked for light leaks? :)
  9. the op is talking about repotting after sexing.....this seems like a bad idea unless they're currently in a Pepsi bottle. i had been thinking of doing the same thing, but have heard that this will slow development big time....please some imput. i'm in 8 in. and would like to go to at least 12......
  10. waiting sucks dont it.... When you first put them in 12/12 you can speed the process up by keeping them in the dark for 48 hours, then start your 12/12 i find it chops about a week off of the waiting game....:cool:
    Gluck guys,.....using thios method i usually see flowers in about 8 days...well 10 including the dark period

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