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  1. I'm about six days into my first outdoor grow ever. I'm a total newb but I've read up and know pretty much all I need to know. The only thing I'm not sure of is what it's supposed to look like after so long. Here is a picture and if you have any input I will appreciate it. Also, when will the second set of true-leaves sprout? Thanks! (I posted on rollitup.org but no one seemed to help me or give any feedback). The picture was taken before watering and I've added no nutes to the soil as of yet, I'm going to wait until the second week to make sure I see more progress so I don't waste my money. I'm not over watering and it gets plenty of sunlight, the soil was not this dry when I planted it there.


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  2. Looking pretty good. The leaves are a rich dark green. Don't think you can do too much besides wait. Lol I'm a noob as well and I'm just now getting to my 3rd set of leaves. They haven't come through but I can see em coming!! If its only been 6 days, you should be seeing your next set of leaves come in, in about 2-3 more days. I'm subbed ;-) keep me posted bro
  3. Just checked it this morning, didn't look too different, checked again about an hour ago and the second set of leaves are now sprouting (picture to come later). Any tips on fertilizer? Kind of against miracle grow due to the negative opinions people have about it. I've heard putting old banana peels in the fridge for a while could turn out to be a way of organic fertilizer that works well but that's just what I've heard, any opinions would be gladly taken into consideration.
  4. I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to using ferts. I also have some Miracle Grow that I plan on using but very slightly and im only gonna try it on one just incase it doesnt work out and because of the soil I have. I'm not really sure about ferts but I got what was recommended at my h n g stores. Everybody has different techniques when it comes to ferts. I personally feel like plants should be treated like humans. Lol. Love them, feed them, nurture them, and they will give you what you ask.
  5. These are my 2 plants that I have going right now

    1369681927075.jpg 1369681999722.jpg 1369682117510.jpg
  6. Looks good but clear away those mold magnets and insect feeders you have near the plant Keep the growing area clean. Good luck!.
  7. dont give it any nutes til its about a month old, then only feed at 1/4 strength. It looks good! as long as the leaves are green, and it is still growing, you are doing everything right. If the bottom leaves start to yellow in about a month, then its a sure sign u need to give it some ferts.
    Did u plant it just straight into the ground without doing anything to the soil? If so it will work, but i will not get the results u desire if u amended your own soil. You could always dig a hole next to that, put your own good soil mix in, then transplant it for greater results/yield.
  8. Nice plants sharpshooter! Mine was getting tall like that so I added more soil so the stem could be more structured. And yes I planted it straight into the soil it looked good when I cleared the area out but I have it in a spot to where the sun is beaming down on it so it looks really dry in the picture and thanks for the tips I'm going to clean the area out now.
  9. Adding your own soil, in a hole next to your plant would be your best bet. You need to make sure your plant has proper drainage and aeration to continue growing healthy! Peat moss and Perlite at least should be added to the native soil for water retention and drainage. After which u could transplant in.
  10. Question about that BMID21, when you added soil to your plant, was it fresh soil? Like I want to add more soil to my plant but I didn't know if adding fresh soil to already used soil what harm the plants or not. All advice is welcomed.
  11. I used fresh soil, yes.
  12. UPDATE 

    These are my babies after 13 days. The stems are strong and they are very green. I recently changed locations into somewhere a little safer. Tell me what you think!

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  13. Looks great!! Lol noticed something had a taste of one of your leaves. They're still green and shit. Nice ;-)
  14. How tall are they now?? :)
  15. I'm not really sure but the one with the chewed off leaf is the tallest if I'd guess I'd say about the length of an iPhone and the others are a little smaller.
  16. How are yours doing bro?
  17. Maaaaan I had to ditch em bro. Males. Lol all that time. Oh well I'll have to start over.
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    This is an update after almost 3 weeks

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  19. How are you looking good brother??? I'm trying again for the second time. I'm just now sprouting seeds. As soon as they crack the ground pics will be up.

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