6" cooltube

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by otloko, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. will a 4" inline fan with duct reducers on both sides be enough to cool down a 400 watt hps in a cooltube? will also be using a carbon scrubber to cover up odor with same fan (if possible)?
  2. Yes prior to going LED I used a LED Cooltube with a 4inch inline fan. Tent stayed about 80 usually.
  3. It depends on the fan and the rest of your ventilation setup, but it certainly is possible.
  4. Seems 150cfm/tube minimum, but since you want to install the filter into the same duct run, you'll need more 'cfm' because of restriction and consider how many ft of ducting you wil use. Often it's better to go with a larger fan, such as a 6" that blows around 400-450cfm with a speed reducer. You can minimize noise from the fan and know that you'll have plenty of air [and stink] being removed, instead of running a 4" full blast and perhaps still dealing with heat (odor) issues. If you have the space, go bigger, it's worth the extra $$$.
  5. I use the 4 inch fan and filter combo from htgsupply w/ a 6 inch cooltube and it works pretty well.

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