6 Competely Legal Ways Cops Can Screw You

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by DutchX5, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. A long time ago I went into a gas station to buy a pack of zigzags. I had to take a major dump at the time so I proceeded into the bathroom. 10 minutes later I come out and there are two cops standing there waiting. Here the gas station attendant called them because she thought I must be smoking weed in there. The cops start grabing my pockets and after about 20 minutes of questions and sitting in the back of the squad car they let me go but not without a ticket for paraphinilia. Yeah I got a ticket for the zigzags. This happened over 10 years ago when I was 19 and was living out of state on my own. It pisses me off having this on my perfectly otherwise clean adult record. Ah well.

  2. How can they charge you with paraphinilia for zigzags if they didnt find any drugs on your person? im not challenging the validity of your story im just curious as to their reason behind the charge.
  3. I think you got railroaded. My older brother rolls his own cigarettes. He prefers that kind of tobacco over that used in cigarettes. I didn't know there was a difference. *shrug* Did you indicate the papers were for herb or for rolling ciggies?
  4. Wow, the only one I knew was the filming one.

    These are all totally fucked up,

    Sir your house and car are now our property, and your going to jail for possessing a condom.
  5. Well...i know i a lot of girls who could be arrested in DC for being prostitutes.

  6. I dont know how they could write a ticket for that! The reason they wrote the ticket im guessing was because they didnt want to leave without something. I was young and just happy to get out of the back of the cop car at the time. My girlfriend was there and luckily she had the 1/8 on her. She was just standing outside watching. The cops didnt even know she knew me. Yeah the ticket was BS. I was in a small town at the time visiting the g/f's grandmothers house for thanksgiving. If I wanted to fight the ticket I guess I would have had to go to a different town, 100 some miles away, on a set court date. I had no car and I didnt have the motivation to hitchhike to court so the ticket just got paid.

  7. I said they were for rolling TOP tobacco which I really did smoke at the time.
  8. This makes me sick. The world is so fucking corrupt.
  9. I find it amazing and confusing that people actually believe they're rights will be respected by law enforcement. The simple fact is that law enforcement can and will do anything that they want to you. The small minded, corrupt and vindictive make up 99% of law enforcement and the truth is that the police are nothing more than a well funded gang of thieves and liars whoose main achivement is ruining lives.

  10. that's pretty much how i feel. the govt and cops are no different than gangsters fighting for turf and money.
  11. This almost makes me wanna move to Siberia just to get rid of these fucked up laws.
  12. Police saved my ass last week when some drunk 'roid monkey shoved me to the ground outside a bar and was about to tear my lungs out. They probably saved my life, so fuck you(r words).

  13. There absolutely are many good cops out there that genuinely want to help people. But there are also many cops that are only on a power trip, and can use any loophole they want to fuck you over. ESPECIALLY when it comes to weed.
  14. thats All it is .... except cop-s are the biggest gang in the world but they run under the cover of helping society pffffffffffft ya right when a cop is cruising my neighborhood at 3 in the morning and i see him goin to other neighborhoods just to meet a quota and bust someone.. ANYONE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THE BULLSHIT in cops descriptions to the public not cops more like legal gang members
  15. You said it perfectly. A lot of cops are good guys. I mean there are so many threads on here about cops cutting people breaks. And jsut because these laws exist, doesn't mean they are enforced.
  16. depends where you live i dont believe where i live there is a such thing as a good cop who wants to help people then again i am in texas ....
  17. Many cops just worry about is filling up their quotas, easily done by screwing the public.
  18. I'm in NY, I guess its different.
  19. very differnt
    your talkin east coast
    and down south
    location makes a huge difference on the social mentality

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