6 charged in raid on northridge dispensary

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  1. Hahaha all Mexicans, that's so heat. As if they had that at a dispensary.
  2. Wow.
    Def a bad name to clinics

    I can see nazi propaganda using this

  3. If they start using this one example to give dispensaries a bad name, we can start using the numerous examples of pharmaceuticals gone wrong to shut them up.

    That, or call open season on the DEA.
  4. So what I thought everyone kept an ak47 and a pile of coke in their back room :confused:
  5. I'm not a coke expert, but that doesn't look like 27m worth :confused:?

  6. Yeah I think they just sort of guess unless there's a lot more coke I mean it is expensive but this is gonna suck watch them try to put more harsh laws on mmj :(
  7. yeah prolly like 20,000(wholesale) per brick they showed.

    so less then 1 mill of coke they are showing.
  8. That is only 9000 grams, how the hell is that worth 27 million... You would have to be charging 3000 a gram...

    You could get that in NYC for $160,000 - $175,000 no problem
  9. government is behind this..........meaning they were prob raided but im sure some things were added to make this look worse..........or this is a fake dispensary to make a mock raid and bs
  10. if thats 27million worth of coke, i need to start sellin lol
  11. No they weren't all Mexicans but thanks for your racist comments. :rolleyes:

    Show me the proof......OH WAIT...there isn't any...MY BAD.
  12. i dont know about anyone else but that coke look sexy
  13. This is the problem with the current MMJ program. Since it's still illegal on the federal level there's no real oversight of the dispensaries like there would be for any legit legal business like a liquor store. As a result the dispensaries sometimes are a front for other illegal drug activities.
  14. Now that certainly doesn't help spread a good name for weed lol
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    Proof is there. We just don't know

  16. I'm more concerned about where the 128 'oxycodone pills' went. :confused:
  17. lol i know of a liquor store with that much coke and pills in the back room and selling weed next door. federal oversight changes nothing. the feds can stay the fuck out of it regardless.

  18. my friend's father was booked a long, long time ago for having "millions of dollars worth of marijuana" in a "huge bust"

    they weighed the plant with the dirt on the roots when it was pulled out and the rest of the plant too, fluids and all

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