6 bong tokes in 2 minutes. Hd

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  1. Nice vid.
  2. Two questions by the way.
    Q1: What's the name of the song playing?
    Q2: Why do you own so many beautiful bongs ?
  3. I would be so fucking baked if i did that. I love that ZOB.
  4. nice bruh!

    i wouldnt mind hittin multiple pieces like that
  5. Fucking amazing
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  7. fuck you for having so much weed and bongs. I'm extremely jealous.

  8. lol I noticed that one tube had a half smashed base...not sure how lavish that is :rolleyes: but never the less it was a cool vid bro...its nice to have good nugs and a few good tubes to enjoy them with
  9. The one with the half base is now destroyed completely with a hammer. Haha, thanks everybody.

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