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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nyc-smoker, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. On my 3rd node of my plant both the leafs have 5 blades each. On the 4th node they have 6 blades each 5 and then one extra on the right side of the leaf. and on the 5th node they each have 7 blades.

    Why does the 4th node have 6 blades is this normals is it ok.Ill try and see in a couple of minute if i can post a picture showing it.
  2. here is the pic.

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  3. dont worry its normal later in its life youll probably see some with 8
  4. When they get a little bigger they will decide on a number of blades, then stick with that.
  5. the extr@ bl@de on my le@fs on the 4th node @re round this is str@nge @ny one know why ?
  6. they just need time to work ther way up2 it. think of it this way, a small seedling dont have much root so the 1st leaves r single, then as the root grows so do the number of leaves till it reaches the number it wants.
  7. ive had plants with 5,6,7,8
  8. Some of my sativas had as many as 9-13 blades, as long as it's still growing don't worry about it.
  9. ditto....don't worry about the leaves unless they are changing colour or appear to have pests on them.......Peace out....Sid
  10. that is what happens when u start haploid'in plants. selecting for THC may also drag some other genes around and u get some fucked up looking things...still its all good.
  11. Ive had plants that have had really messed up leaves but great smoke.... the most ive had was 13 blades on one leaf.... Don't ask....... But, it tasted just fine and did the job... So wouldn't worry about 6..... l8er
  12. yeah, I had a friend who used to grow and it seemed like all of his plants had like 13 leaves.:)

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