6 big plants or 10 small ones?

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  1. 5x5 footprint
    1000w hps

    Will I pull more yield by running 10, 3 gallon pots, or 6, 5 gallon pots under a 1000w hps.

    Ps : I want to veg 6 weeks from seed and then flower.
  2. I don't know if you'll pull more yield but I would do 6 plants if it were me.
    What grow method are you using?
    Good luck. :)
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  3. Plan to supplement co2?
    If not do less plants
    The more plants the more biomass
    The more biomass the more co2 required to support photosynthesis (not more volume just more supply)
    From almost everything I've read filling the same space with less plants always yields more and is easier to maintain ..less defoliation is needed less co2 use and the time difference wouldnt be much if you
    Plus in your space 6 week veg on 10 plant would probably make them flower rather tall
    And not much room to lst with 10 plants

    Here is a video that hot me really interested on the subject of plant count for a given space
    Granted he grows 2 dif strains so there are some factors at play but it seems most people have more dense consistency and less trim weight with less plants as well in the same space

    Just my thoughts and I may be off but some things to consider either way

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  4. I would do fewer plants in bigger pots.....mainly because I purchase my seeds online...which aren't cheap per say....so I try to get the most out of every bean....
  5. I like to figure a 2 x 2 area - 4 s/f per plant.
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  6. You can yield just as well either way but it is less hassle to run fewer plants.
  7. 10 will always be better like papa said its all about the size. plus genetics too!

    6 big plants require a long veg time
    10 require alot less veg

    so doing ten youll end up with a better yield because theyll be less larf (crap) and more bud. and the whole grow will have taken less time because youll be vegging for at least 2 weeks less to cover the same area. the problem with 10 plants is training them.. your limited for space so training them out wouldn't be the best option. training them up instead of out requires alot of height in your room plus a good light that can penetrate through the canopy if you decide to do a variety that is tall. sog growers normally let the plants grow straight up and either one bud the plant. which means basically chopping of all the side branches as they are vegging and into flower to stop branching and make the plant focus on creating one single long cola. or you can top them once and either let those two tops grow up and cut the others off and lollypop the bottom 1/3 before flower or let 4 arms grow up (two from the topping, two side branches) and then lollypop the bottom the same before the flip giving 2 days to recover. depending on the variety you may need to prune away the leaves at the end of the 3rd week flower day 21. or cut some away before you even flip. these will grow back out though if you do it before. if you strip more towards the end of the 3rd week flower only so many will grow back leaving you with better penitration for the rest of the grow.

    either way... ***
    when you veg make sure your plants are not all touching each other but are close together.. especially before you flip to 12/12. this will give you the correct room for growth plus stop your plants competing and stretching to outgrow each other. ( youll know youve filled the space correctly if your 10 or 6 are close but not touching) this is when you flip because you have no more room.

    you need to think about what plants you want mainly pal and research about the height and how the plants structure grows (is it leggy or a proper bush) leggy plants dont need much pruning but stretch alot in flower so less height is required in veg before the flip.

    normally sog you train plants up wait til they are about 25 -30cm in height and flip. plants will double at least in size so a 30cm plant will be 60cm so now you need to think about pot size. 60cm tall plants require at least 5L pots for the roots to grow and have enough room for big buds.

    sativa plants may stretch 200% so that 30 might be 90cm meaning you need bigger pots (7.5L ish) and you have less room for your lights. to combat this you flip earlier and top and let the branches grow up and lollypop the bottom like i said before. indica plants are better for the one budding but you can do the same but youll be pruning alot more leaf to get the penitration you want and to keep the humidity down!

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  8. How much is a lot less veg? I feel like it would be a 5-10 day difference..maybe less if you have to do a heavy defoliation on the 10 count. You think 10 plants would be easy to keep even at the canopy in a 5x5 with a 1000w hps?

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  9. Go with six and use the biggest pots possible would be my advice
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    it all depends pal on the variety/grow room size how branchy the plant is. ive been doing heavy defoliation at the end of week 3 for awile now sometimes week 4 depending on variety. ogs like it at 4 weeks because they are still vegging technically and respond well to this kind of stress. it doesnt put them back at all mate infact it speeds them up because the whole plant isnt struggling anymore with high humidity low oxygen.. high heat and low light penitration. all buds will be dense as fook. and in literally one day/2days after you defoliate it the buds will explode with growth. i did a lemon haze awile back no defoliation i got 8oz with larf finnished in 9 weeks. i did the exact same lemon from the same mother and defoliated it and lollypopped bottom before the flip i got 9 - 10oz of one plant with absoultely no waste at all! and it finnished in 7 full weeks... that says it all.

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  11. keeping an even canopy... it will be easy yes if you grow straight up if they get too tall bend them like you would any other way itll just make more sides grow up which isnt a bad thing.

    it will always be better with ten pal trust me its just more effort to water if you dont have a dripper system it can be quite difficult. overall i think its easier growing smaller once your set up.

    think about it pal right theres 10 plants sat there waiting to be big enough... almost touching.m

    then theres 6 plants waiting there just the same.. its going to take alot longer.. why would you wait longer to get the same result...?

    even if you didnt defoliate either.. the 10 would always be in front and have better everything. 6 will need alot heavier defoliation.

    1000w hps covers 1.5m2 tops so the edges will have less intensity. youll get more development in the middle. if you do ten you can move them round easier and swap them around giving the sides a better chance. i hate netting plants for this reason which is why 10 is better again.. you could just use sticks to support them and still be able to move them about

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