6-9 hrs on / 12 hrs off for flowering??????

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by deep buddy, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Personally i feel that shorter light cycles are they way to go in todays world. Imagine this guys instead of running 12on/12off running 6/12 alows the bud to rippen and fatten up. When your plants go to sleep and then u look at them after they wake up are they fatter? well your not just "high as a kite," it realeases the energy that it has stored when the lights were on. So now that you have cut ur electricity in half and i havent had much effect on my yeild. In conclusion i am not saying that 12/12 doesnt work great or any other time sequence but there are alternatives to the "norm."
  2. If I had room to have two tents, I would set up an experiment with two excellent clones, and everything exactly the same in both rooms (medium, lights, nutes, area/temps/humidity/ventilation ect) and just change the light schedule. I'm sure other people have done it, I just think it would be fun to see for myself.
  3. I'm curious what in my post identifies my comments as "ill informed opinion"... :cool:
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    chlorophyll production = plant growth

    chlorophyll production requires light. so if you give em 16 hours light and then 12 hours of darkness you will increase production , but not increase length of time to flower ( a fact, that disrupts the shorter light hours= shorter flower times hypothesis).

    maturity rates of plant are genetically encoded, and only triggered by hours of darkness. no acceleration or deceleration of the plants life cycle will occur by altering the light cycle ( aside from triggering reveg if you do not have enough continuous dark hours)

    Robert Connell Clarke's Marijuana Botany page 148

    I get it, and sorry . :eek::smoke:

    FTR, I am a second generation grower ( you know what kind of shit a city kid has to take when he says his parents are "Herb Farmers" ?). I have been growing myself steadily since 2001, and off and on through the 90s .

  5. Not to ram jam gears here, but wouldn't it make more sense to run like 14on/10off to speed up flowering? Not that i would (i like my 12/12, and if a grow didn't work I'd have to buy weed :eek: ) but in veg 24/0 grows faster than 18/6 ...
  6. Google "24/7 Vs !8/6 " you will see lots of arguments and little facts.

    I personally have done side by sides sunder T5s and saw no better growth rates from either setup. neither my mothers, clones or seedlings responded any better or worse for the extra 6 hours on my energy bill.

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    nice delete your own silly trolls

    "i hope you get the seediest bud imaginable with the light switch! i hope they all hermie!!!!

    i will not be returning to this thread. good luck with your "ventures."


    this is the "advice/help" you get here at GC WTF?

    to wharfrat thanks for posting actual info. though R.C.C. 's info is a bit outdated! so in the name of new research i will be continuing what i was going to do anyways. again i only do this because i have no choice. im not trying to "revolutionize" the industry i will be returning to 12/12 for ease if nothing else also i run flip boxes so i kinda have to run 12/12. for veg i do usually run 24/0 but i have been playing around with 20/4 for the rest it gives on my equipment.
  8. dont leav the thread im tryna see some results/what the outcome is. dont let those chumps stop u
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    thanks for the support. i will for sure post results. im pretty sure what the results will be. just a lower yield.

    im just a lil shocked at the things that go on here. the forums i usually use wouldnt allow that kinda bs for a second! but what ev!

  10. ^you prove me wrong, and the only thing that happens is some old dogs learn new tricks^

    and I'm cool with that. cause it will just add more to the age old ( well "indoor growing age old") discussion of "yield Vs. turn around". I'd love an extra harvest indoor harvest each year ( shit I'd take one every leap year ...) as long as the yield is not too adversely effected and no quality was lost.

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    i deleted that post literally 5 minutes after i posted it, because i realized what i said. you pissed me off and i let my anger get the best of me. it all happens to all of us every once in awhile. after someone is constantly belittling mine (and other users) advice, it gets frustrating.

    so, thats why i deleted it. i figured "fuck it, its not worth starting a fight over."

    you on the other hand, must have saved that quote and posted it an hour later for some reason.

    quit complaining about the forums. you will get help, and it looks like some folks here already helped you. when you ask for help than reply with a negative attitude after people state their opinions, you get a reply like mine (that i swiftly deleted).

    this is what my reply was to.^^

    dont be a doucher, and you wont be treated like one :) . karma is big on GC.


    Namecalling is against the rules-PF
  12. I will hold back my opinion on this matter, some well informed growers have already chimed in. If you don't mind me asking, how will you set up the timing? Every timer I've seen is based on 24 hr days.. Would like to see how this turns out so this argument can be put to rest.

    Your not the first one I've seen here with this idea. Unfortunately the others never posted the results, so I assume it did not go well.

    I can tell you that I've baked a cake for 30 minute @ 400 when the recipe called for 45 @ 350. It did not turn out well. That was a joke btw.

    Good luck with that experiment, and please let us know how it went.. Otherwise we will assume it didn't work for you.
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    why dont you stay away like you said you would? and think before you type FTARD. and its called an email alert and it has your original post. so f#$k you K? talking about karma being traded because of a message board SHALLOW! i nurture life that is my karma simple.

    Comments like this are not welcome here-PF
  14. day 20

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  16. In my honest opinion is it not true that if the plant receives 8-6 hours of light only, that the flowers are not able to exponentially produce because lack of light hours vs time/energy it takes to produce new growth/resin production? Because I have learned throughout grows that lowering the light/dark ratio to 8/16 actually stresses the plant into thinking its life cycle is complete and boosts its final bit of resin production, similar to if you leave them in the dark the final week or two.

    I understand your concept, to try and trick the biological clock of the plant into thinking that more days are passing by just in less time, so in theory the plant would speed up production and maturity, the problem and what I think others may have already said, is that each plant has a certain amount of "hours" of light through veg and through flower in order to mature.

    SO in theory if you try and trick the plant into making it think the days are going by faster with an 8/12 (20hour) for 5 days that is only 40hours light (production/maturity), and if you ran the same plant with a 12/12 for 5 days that is 60hours of light

    and with that, if you use the 8/12 method it would actually take LONGER for the plant to mature because it still needs a certain amount of light in order to produce new growth, you would need to run the plant 7.5 days to get 60 hours of light on 8/12 to get the same amount of light exposure to a plant that is on the 12/12 and gets 60 hours in 5 days IMO.

    if that is hard to follow try this...

    -8/12 8 hr light x 7.5 days = 60hr light exposure/maturity
    Total Real Time Passed: 150 hr /6.25 days (24 hr)
    -12/12 12 hr light x 5 days = 60hr light exposure/maturity
    Total Real Time Passed: 120 hr /5 days (24 hr)

    But by all means even with all the nay Sayers (including myself) fuck it and give it a try, if no one else ever tried something different then we would never make the strides in growing as we do now. more power to you :)
  17. yes i do agree that what you are saying is logical. i am banking on the 12 hr cycle passing more frequently will make them mature faster. so we will see. i am trying to shave off 5-10 actual days of my flowering time. if successful i will NOT BE DOING IT AGAIN. im in a time sensitive situation, and didnt want to waste a bunch of cuts. they are doing great, despite the wishes of others wtf?. no herms, just happy plants, as usual in my area.
  18. Wow, just stumbled upon this...subscribed. Very interested to see how this turns out.
  19. ok... so you cant? trick a plant into thinking the days are only 20 hours.... not 24 hours by running a 10 / 10 light cycle?

    so instead of taking 60 days to mature it only takes 50....
  20. no you cannot.
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