6-9 hrs on / 12 hrs off for flowering??????

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by deep buddy, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. has anyone actually tried this? i know the yield would be less, but would they be able to mature in a shorter time by dropping the day length to 20-22hrs?

    thanks in advance Deep,

    i guess the real ? is are they only affected/triggered by dark period for reproductive phase?
  2. plants do not mature quicker if you give em less light. your only impact will be yield.
  3. k so your saying if run a 24 hr day cycle that runs for 56 days (1344hrs) against a 21 day cycle for 56 "days" (1176hrs) that my plants will still take the full 56 x24hrs to finish?

  4. have no idea what you are talking about in "56 24 hour" days...

    indoor growers run 12/12 ( after a veg time scheduled to fit your grow space) till your trichs say "harvest me".

    running say "16 off and 8 on" will not take your flowering time down, only your yield.

    once flowering commences the only way to make light hours effect the plant is to add more, and restart the vegetative growth. messing with light hours will not speed up production, add THC, or make your grow better in any way ( Xcept the dollar saved in energy costs..)


  5. k let me be a little more clear and explain a little bit about myself.

    first im not a noob i have 15 years gowing. k second im using a drt1 by sentinel which allows me to manipulate the actual length of day ie. from 24 hrs to 20hrs or whatever i want. it is simple i set the on time and the off time i plug the trigger cord from my light relay into timer and it recycles until the end of time or harvest.

    k so 56x24 =1344 hrs as opposed to 56x20=1120hrs 1344-1120=224hrs

    224 divided by 24= 9.333... that is a shorter actual cycle by 9+days

    all i want to do is shorten my cycle. i have over 60 watts per sq. ft. a slightly lower yield is fine for me. i dont have a choice in this because i am MOVING.

    oh and quality is no problem for me
  6. are you talking about flowering here? or vegetative?

    the title of the thread suggests flowering times, but what you stated on the first line of your first post makes me think you are talking about vegetative growth.

    keep your cycle on 12/12 for flowering. you can probablly go 10/14 or something when you get later in the cycle (like week 7), but like wharf said it will come with a reduced yield.

    for vegetative you can run it 24/0 if you would like, but i prefer to use 18/6. some people use 22/2 and 20/4 or whatever for veggin', just keep the daylight length above 15 hours.

    i hope this clears things up......because, no offense, but if that is your math for a flowering cycle schedule, than that math is retarded.

  7. I understand your question completely, yes it should cut your cycle down because what is important is dark hours. Your 20 hour day will work fine, 8hours light/12 dark. Yield will be slightly effected, but time is your problem...Cheers

  8. hehe the only reason i even posted here is cause my site was down.

    so i am retarded eh?

    to clarify i have one 24 hour veg room and two flower rooms. kk ??

    and yes as the TITLE of my thread CLEARLY states i am talking about FLOWERING! man wow can i say it more clearly?:confused:

    i guess all thats left will be my results when and if i post them here as the responses have been less than helpful at best and rude as well!

    thanks in advance all the Ftards that continue to motivate me by hating! thanks again!

  9. thank you yes exactly? i have 2 rooms and one will be done in plenty of time. but my second room is gonna be a week to long to finish before i need to prep to move. i just want to make sure that they mature, i dont mind a slightly smaller yield. anyways its done so we will see.
  10. I would like to see your results, sometimes when people cant grasp an idea they {hate}. What strains are you running?

  11. im running grapefruit krush(grapefriutxpre98 bubba), a super skunk nl cross, a free seed strain i got called cream caramel from sweet seeds its a blueberryXblack dominaX maple leaf indica. and it is really smelling amazing, some ak's, i got too many strains im having to kill off alot of good stuff but i got seeds and more coming so i cant wait. im moving from colorado to so cali im really happy to be able to do some big outdoor forced flower setups, its gonna be epic! i have alot of pics on other sites i lll throw up one of the CC at 40 or so days i think a lemon skunk to her right. those are in pure coco on a custom 8x8 DTW table under ac 1ks

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  12. That looks pretty sweet.Might have to give that one a try. I'm running some trainwreck, white power(one of my early projects) and some sweet tooth. What nutes do you use?
  13. You're not going to fool the plant into thinking each day is only 18 hours, the plant needs a certain amount of time to mature. What the extended dark period during flowering does to the plant is stimulate the hormonal reaction to flowering. It doesn't happen overnight, that's why plants can take several days up to 2-3 weeks to start flowering after flipping the lights. Once flowering is underway the extended dark keeps the flowering reaction chugging along. It's not as though the plant is counting the dark cycles or that its growth toward final maturity only depends on the length of the dark period.

  14. I don't agree with that. From the various responses here it amazes me that people are so stuck to the "norm" of 12/12, 18/24 and 24/0 cycles.

    In order to progress as humans and also for plant life we need energy and stimuli. To this date I have not seen a study that looks into shorter days and with that I think it is not so wise for people to dismiss this.

    When you look at a plant (or any living organism) for that matter, the primary purpose it has is to 1) survive and 2) to reproduce. If you lower the time of sunlight there is, in my opinion, a greater chance that the inactive hormone Pfr is converted to active Pf for flowering. Since marijuana plants use light as a means to time their internal clock it only makes sense to me that fewer sun/light exposure results in a faster ripening cycle. This faster ripening response would protect the species as it ensures that the mature flowers can be pollinated for seed production. It wouldn't make sense that less light exposure has absolutely no effect on the maturing of the females males, as this would potentially threaten the species since winter follows soon after.


    I'm not at all suggesting that one should reduce the light exposure too much during the flowering phase as there must be an optimum amount of light that provides enough of an energy substrate to maximize flowering yield. But if you want to speed up the flowering phase it can be achieved by reducing the light exposure.

    The suggestion of reducing the day cycle from 24 to a 20 hours is interesting. When growing on a commercial scale and for profit (something I don't do) it could make sense as there could be a greater overall yield on a per day basis.

    Is anybody aware of any study of temperature on Pfr --> Pf coversion?
  15. AS LONG AS U HAVE 12 hours DARK you are STRAIGHT. the flowering is a buildup of phytochrome during the dark period. 12 hours is magical cuz thats when the plant knows its flowering (outdoor they start at 10 hours dark, but thats due to the change in the spectrum of light as well.). as long as the plant has enough time every night to know its flowering u can give them as long a day as u want.
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    cannabis uses hours of darkness to determine daylight hours...

    just ask Ed, Jorge, Greg Green, or Mr. Clarke

    anyone else here remember "Planet Ito" thread from the OG forums?
  17. The length of time needed for flowering will not be reduced by changing the light cycle. If you are growing a 10 week flowering plant it will take 10 weeks, there is no way to shorten this growing time by adjusting light cycles.

  18. k we will see high post genius's
  19. no need to be flippant.
  20. look man no disrespect intended. im sure you understand my frustration. i am a very technical minded grower. its all i do. no 52 checks a year for backup. so i really get irked when folks treat me like a noob. and i hate trolling which is what ill informed opinions stated as fact are imo. thats all thats expressed here is OPINIONS. ill let my results show whether this has worked or not if not ill tell the truth and take it as a lesson learned by using FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. so we will see - flippant comment.
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