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  1. I know that liquid fertlizer with more nitrogen is better for vegging, but right now all i can get my hands on is 6-9-5. Will that work till i get proper fertilizer?
  2. It would be better to have a higher nit. number (the first of the 3 numbers), but that fert will be fine for now. If your soil is good, you'd be OK with no fertilizer for a month or so. The high middle number (phosphate) is better for flowering. After you start to flower it, go back to the 6-9-5.

    Maybe someone can verify this because I'm not positive, but if the numbers are low (6-9-5 compared to 12-18-10) then it's just a lower concentration and you need to add more fert to the water to get the same affect. :rolleyes:
  3. thanks man
  4. Absolutely right on concentration. 10-10-10 is exactly the same as 20-20-20 when you feed it to the plants. 20-20-20 is diluted more.
  5. is 10-10-5 good?
  6. not as good because phosohate (2nd #) is best high when flowering so it should be lower when vegging
  7. That is a common misapprehension. Firstly all three elements ARE needed all the time. But N is needed in greater quantities when vegging, K in greater quantities when flowering. P is needed primarily for root growth and the requirement stays about the same all the time.
  8. how much of a difference would i see if i used 6-9-5 versus like 9-6-5 (or something)?
  9. Well you would get healthier bushier leaves, which is just what your looking for in the veg stage as the leaves are the power plant of the plant that will help it gain bigger buds later on in the flowering stage.

    Go for like 15-8-8 or 15-10-10 for veg, then move to the stuff you already have or somthing like 10-20-10 for flowering..

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