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6-7g per week, is that a lot?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by purpleish, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. i smoke about 19-20 grams a week
  2. ok i only would do like a gram in a week and a half. is it that u need more and more to get high or wut?>?? i smoke a blunt or a joint with people and i get high?????????????????????? so most people need more???????
  3. and um i noticed if i smoke two blunts i dont really higher than if i had one? if u smoke more do u feell better?

  4. u probably smoke 1-2 days a week i think everyone here who smokes a lot smokes all day.
  5. I'll say I'm smoking slight under a quarter in a week. Besides working and sleeping, all I do is pack bowls in the bong.

  6. koo, what kinda work u do?
  7. haha, same for me. pretty boring summer. Im doing software testing for patient monitors. Will be back in school in september
  8. usually smoke like 3 2 gram blunts a day so no
  9. grocery store bullshit work.
    I make the best of it, eatin food and drinkin booze right off the pallets in the back room......but it blows.
  10. back in the day (as in a few years ago) i'd easily go through about 7g in a week, now however, i've cut way back for various reasons, and i'd say at most i'm a 1 - 1.5g a weeker now.

    i do think personally though, that when i did 7g a week, it wasn't necessarily a positive thing for me personally. however, i have known people that were basically 24/7 tokers and other than forgetting to call or some shit like that, they were cool people to hang with.
  11. for about 6 months straight evert week i would go through a min of 7 grams a day!

    Then i started noticing my reaction time was getting slower when i was sober and i was becoming stupid, its been 5 months since ive dont any weed.

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