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  1. I usually get up early in the morning, roll a joint or two, and go pick up my friend so we can go walk around the hood while smoking 'em. well, i rolled 3 joints, almost a gram in each if not a full gram. well, my friend is being a lazy bastard and wont get up while im knocking on his window. so im like fuck it, ill smoke these myself. well, i go to this elementary school close by my house and sit on the banches. its like 6:30 in the morning so im watching the sun rise through a forest. well, i smoked 2 joints and i was going to call it quits, but i lit the other one up on the way home.

    lets just say i was a little too high for my own good. my mom was still asleep and i left the house without waking her up. i had no clear eyes left so my eyes were red probably, and knowing her, if i opened the door loud enough, she'd probably freak out and run to the door. well, im going through my pockets, deciding whats "incriminating" evidence, so i take my lighter and empty clear eyes bottle and put them in the mail box of the empty house next to mine.

    seriously, it felt like some james bond shit. every little creak the door made seemed to magnify like 5 times. so im creeping towards the door that leads to the basement, and once i was close enough to the door, i started walking normally.

    i went downstairs and put on a mixed bone thugs CD. soon after, my mom comes downstairs and says i left the front door unlocked. so im thinking "oh fuck." she asks me if im high, and i say no and tell her to leave me alone with that bullshit. well she bought it and left my room. i fell asleep and woke up 4 hours later, still feeling a tiny buzz. i shouldnt have went to sleep and wasted that high, im dry as hell right now. but im buying an ounce from these guys that live close by. they have some seriously good weed, and they hook you up and smoke you out every time you buy from em, but they dont get a lot of people, so i decided to take my business over there.
  2. GOod shit on the O...

    but damn dude how can you get up that early to blaze?! I mean I've pulled all nighters and smoked up real early... but getting up that early for a wake'n'bake? I would fall right back to bed...

    Sounds fun though... I just can't wake up before noon at least...
  3. Did you go back for your lighter? You checked out that empty house?
  4. Shit a lighter isnt incriminating... well are you legally allowed to smoke cigs?
    I dont smoke cigs but my mom and dad always find lighters on me.

  5. I remeber when I was a kid and my bro started smoking weed/cigs, I was getting suspicious, so when I saw a lighter fall outta his pocket I asked him why he had it, he answered
    "Uhhhh... well... its just good.... to have a lighter.. sometimes.." :smoking:

  6. lol i know a lighter isnt necessarily going to get me in trouble, but my mom allready found a lot of my weed and has seen me while i was high. to her its pretty incriminating to have a lighter, and she knows i hate tobacco so i cant use that as an excuse. i just dont want to give her a reason to DT me and throw me out of the house.
  7. yeah, i went and got it back as soon as i posted this up. i rolled 2 more joints and smoked with that friend, and then found 5 bucks under my keyboard that i lost a few weeks ago. if i wasnt so lazy feeling, id go get some more weed from my friend, but it will have to wait till tommorow.

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