6 3000k cfls + 24/0 = ?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Rippedmofuck, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. If you didnt get the jist of the title, what im wondering is this.
    I know the average is 6500k for veg and then switch over to 2700k for flower. What im wondering though is im doing 6 cfls 23w but 3000k spectrum, and im lighting is on 24/0.

    Will my plant start flowering or just growth be stunted/accelerated?
  2. Cannabis flowering is not triggered by color spectrum, it's triggered by the photoperiod, and using 3000K for vegging is fine.
  3. cfls 's effection is not very good,and lighting time 18hours is enough
  4. 18 / 6 They need time to rest.
  5. ^^They dont need time to rest when your veging. I started out using 23watt 3000k cfls for veg and they grew fine. I would suggest getting some 6500k tho, the more watts the better. I veged my girls using 6500k and 3000k cfls and after a month and a half there 2feet :smoke:

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