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6.2 Gram Birthday Blunt, 1/2 oz. Strawberry Cough ect..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by The Cannabis, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. #1 The Cannabis, Sep 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2009
    Our 6 gram birthday blunt from last night. (Not my birthday)

    It burned for about 30 minutes, and I was just blunted. But it wasnt the end to our day, The day started with me picking up a half, and by this blunt that half was gone. We sparked this bad boy, and sat there blunted for a while, It filled the whole upper portion of my buddy's house with smoke, and we were having a good time. Then i p[icked up another half last night after this blunt, and ventured to my other buddy's house to rip his new RooR. It was a good night.
    Heres some pics of the Strawberry Cough, its a hazey feeling strain. I like it.
  2. looks good, how was it?
  3. how long did it burn?
  4. i have same scale as you :p

    did u get it off ebay?

  5. I have multiple scales, I think that one was from a store.

  6. why?
    sc looks tasty
  7. Must have been one hell of a birthday bro.. I can remember something very similar about a month ago on my b day hhhaha

  8. People leave them, I lose them and buy another and find my old ones lol
  9. hell yah man. thats a sweet blunt. and some really nice sc.. ive seen so many crappy buds tonight from so many noobs .. glad to see some one is toking good stuff too.:wave:
  10. Looks like a good time man. :smoking:

    I also have the same scale. :p
  11. nice L, and bud.

    Your thread title brings the worst memory to my mind. My 18th birthday, I was at my friends drinking all night. I had a qtr, but my two best friends don't smoke, they're totally fine with it, and one does once in a blue moon, but they just don't enjoy.

    It was some bomb i spent alot for as my birthday gift. I smoked a bowl before and was faded already, then went in and drank quite a bit. Around 2, it's time to get home because they had school early. I dropped my one friend off, and sat in his driveway and rolled a blunt. A big one, well to face at least. A couple solid grams of some sticky. So I get finished, and it's maybe my best roll to date. Literally the perfect self-gift. I have a 30 minute ride home taking the VERY scenic route through the hills of Valley Forge, an extra 15 minutes at least. So I'm winding through the hells, a little buzzed and starting to get a whole new kind of high. One third through the blunt I would say, I go to ash her out the window again and then... the bitch slid out of my hands like a prisoner's soap. Except this time it was nature that raped my ass. I slammed on the breaks and parked. Got out of my car using my phone as a light, and searched for a solid chunk of time. I finally gave up, realizing if anyone passed it would be a cop or National Park Ranger, and I'd be in alot of shit..
  12. now that is a fat ass blunt

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