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  1. the day begins at 10:00 last night, and i wake up and dont have shit to do. well, i look at my sack and see i have about 3 grams left. i roll 2 joints out of .5 grams each (im trying to cut back a lil bit). and i load the pipe.

    i put the 2 joints away and light the pipe, and sit there and chill to "1st of the month." damn, bizzy sounded angelic as fuck even tho he was talking about weed and shit lol. (it was the first of the month by the way)

    so im chilling and smoking and blowing the smoke thru my steamroller. i smoked 2 bowls worth and laid back and watched the ceiling as figures in my mind seemed to appear on the ceiling.

    well, "dayz of our livez" comes on, and thats my song as you know. when the melody hit me, you know, the chorus, but the melody in the back? man, that shit made my body move in waves along with the music.

    well, i pass the fuck out for a few hours, and wake up at like 6 and go take a shower. still feeling a little buzz from earlier. its more of a hangover like but it still felt good.

    well at 7 i hit up my boy jordan. i wake his ass up and his lil sis lets me in and says i smell like bud. LOL. well, i chill and wait for that fool to get dressed, when it starts raining. so we get an umbrella and go to this lil forest by our houses, by woodsmill apartments.

    we smoke the two joints, and talk for a few minutes, then we decide to go home. on the way i look at the creek, i SWEAR i seen a big ass snake crawling towards us, so i yell or scream or do something and fucking run. my friend runs along lol hes a newbie stoner. i slow down and hes like "***** THAT WAS A DAMN STICK!"

    so we keep walking and we look into the creek again, and i see a big ass branch, the way it curved it loked like a lil alligator and it was looking at us. man that shit freaked us both out.

    we go to his basement and we watch "Friday." yup, my movie. i swear the shit looked like a disney movie. colors were cotrasting perfectly, the light was lighting their faces up in different colors. and everything was 5 times funnier.

    after we watch that movie, i go home to sleep.

    wake up 8 hours later, roll a joint and wrap my gram that was left to "give" to my other friend.

    i pick up jordan, and we go to the dudes house and get him too. we go to this forest, and i light the joint. now, i dont know what it is with my rolling, but it gets 3 people high the same way it would get 1 person high lol i dont even know how. probably their low tolerance.

    well, were smoking and being stupid. and we walk out into the middle of woodsmill and i start telling them about potency of weed and shit. LOUD as hell i might add. well, i see a black impala coming our way, the 90's version. well, my friends broke me in to smoking weed by telling me there was a cop chasing us. well, i was like oh SHIT A COP! AWW FUCK! RUN! i swear, this ***** took three steps before i even finished my sentence. jordan was behind us, and when he took off, he slipped, flipped at like a 90 degree angle, and landed on his side haha (it was soft ground tho). he gets up and runs after us and i just stop and walk up on him and say "youre under arrest" and he fucking started running away from me. he was tripping too hard lol. my other friend was dying though, he thought it was the funniest shit ever.

    well, we split with jordan as his stepdad was about to come home. so we go to m other friends house and we chill in his room while has packing a bowl. well,, the bowl had a LOT of weed stuffed in it, a little too much for just toking. well the fool lights it up in his basement so im like dude were going to get caught this way, lets get the fuck out of here.

    well, were standing in his neighbors driveway and pass the pipe. i thought i seen a dollarbill or something in the street so i walk out there, and see my cousins escalade, i thought i seen my brother in the passenger seat so i hide my ass behind a tree. my cousin drives by and circles around without my bro in the car, and drives slowly past me and my friend. we let him get a hit out of the bowl, and i know hes going to be a lil fucked up, since he didnt smoke in 8 months and this is dankity dank.

    well, we smoke the shit up and go for a walk thru our hood. i swear when we were watching cars pass by on IT, it looked like every car was racing or revving its engine. it sounded weird but it was kind of interesting. so i realize its almost 12 and my friends mom is about to come home from work. we fucking BOOK up my longass street so he can go home and i can play it off like i havent talked to him. well, we hear her in her car driving up the street, you can hear someone all the way down the street approaching in my neighborhood. well, his stupid ass runs on the porch of the nearest house and PRETENDS TO BE A FUCKING STATUE! that dumbass fool thought she wouldnt see him.

    she just slows down, looks at me, and drives off. so im thinking "dumbass bitch." she used to make up lies about me and tell the neighbors but they never believed her ass.

    well i tell my homie to go home and tell his parents he was at my house looking for me and that i was in the hood so he went to look for me.

    well, now im sitting here, still high as hell typing this shit up.
  2. im not even baked and i read that bitch 2 times lol, good story, it kept me interested
  3. ddddddddduuuuuuuudddddeeeeeeee
  4. lol i almost forgot i even wrote this haha
  5. pretended to be a statue? hahaha shit thats funny :hello::hello:
  6. Sounds like good times dude.

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