5x5 tent for 6-8 plants need Ideas.

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  1. Hey guys, Looking for some help on my second grow and I am trying to improve my growing conditions.

    Current Setup
    1 - DfnDE1o.jpg 2 - 85TVEwE.jpg 3 - nv05WP6.jpg

    I am charged to fit 6-8 5 gallon pots in here.

    I am already changing out the MH/HPS light out ( I will be selling after this grow, I Live in Canada and willing to part with it for 200 CAD + Shipping and Handling.

    I am switching out the light for :

    4 lights QB288 LM301H 3500k + epistar 660nm
    Kingbrite Samsung Lm301h 288 V3 Quantum Board Led Horticulture Grow Lights Hlg - Buy Lm301h,Quantum Board,Led Horticulture Grow Light Product on Alibaba.com


    give up selling the MH/HPS for now use the MH bulb to veggy my plants and get

    4 Lights QB288 LM301B 2700k Qb288 V2 Quantum Board 288 Samsung Lm301b Led 3000k / 3500k / 4000k - Buy Qb288 V2 Quantum Board,Qb288 V2,Quantum Board Product on Alibaba.com

    I have had issues so far with my first grow and they include - Temperature/humidity were sometimes off whack (days i had 32 degrees Celsius and the morning of this post I had a humidity of 83%)

    I have two amazon special dehumidifiers running ProBreeze 500ml and a Probreeze 1500ml

    On the thing on ventilation I am constantly running the fans nonstop.

    I am using a tower fan ontop of a 5 gallon pail oscillating across the canopy of the plants while i have a floor fan blowing air from under the canopy.

    I am using a Inline Duct Booster Fan to bring air into the Hood past the light and into the tent.

    Along one side of the wall I have Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller sucking air through this thing (this thing is about a foot and a bit long) Air Carbon Filter Odor Control . And this air gets exhausted outside.

    Soil I will be using is Promix HP M mix, I am hoping it pans out better this time round.

    I used General Hydroponic Bloom Gro and Micro and I was giving it them them once a week, I had a 4 litre (1 gallon) jug of Distilled water I would put cal mag and the nutrients in and give the plants about a quarter of the jug each, then I would water them either the next day or the day after depending on how dry they felt (I would lift them up and seem on the light side i would water.) Waterings were usually a 4 litre jug split between them every other day or two (depending on weight).

    I tried to do some LST by tying branches to Bamboo stakes using twine. I need to find a better way to spread them out like crazy. (I need ideas here too)

    TL;DR - I need suggestions on nutrient schedule, temperature/humidity controllers, layouts, upgrades. General Try this try that. This is will be my second grow.
  2. That's basically a giant factor in your heat issue right there. Unless you made a mistake and intended to write 'out of the tent'
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  3. I have no other way to cool the light down. And it doesnt make sense to attach the out take fan to the hood and not have fresh air entering the tent
  4. Closed loop for lighting, second fan for greens.
  5. So you are saying I can get away with say putting in two more inline fans one in and one out. Or get a splitter and attach it so one goes to the light and one goes inside? And then just get one additional fan to blow it back outside.
  6. Use one fan to push air across the light attached to hood by ductwork. On the other side of the hood connect more duct and your other fan and scrubber to vent out the tent. Much more efficient that way. Make sense?

    Here check this out
    Ventilation FAQ

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  7. The reflective insulation that I lined several of my grow spaces could easily be cut to size and fashioned into a skirt for your hood with ducting at each end for intake and outflow; probably cheaper than investing in an enclosed system like this
  8. Thats actually the type of hood I have. Except different company. I have the one end blowing air past it and out the opening on the other side which is close to my carbon filter/exhaust fan.
  9. Attach an exhaust fan to ducting at the end to suck heat directly out of tent rather than recirculating as it seems.
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  10. Yeah, check those guides these guys linked.

    There's a few issues with the way you have it.

    -Pulling air thru a tent or grow space is more efficient than pushing.

    -If you push air into a tent, you will get stinky moments once your plants get bigger. Pulling thru creates a negative pressure keeping stink under control, assuming you eventually 'scrub it' with a carbon filter before it finally goes outside.

    -And that light is just pumping raw heat into your setup. The idea of a hood is to isolate the bulb and pull cooler air past it. Honestly though, those things only work so much, even when used correctly.
  11. The Light is getting swapped out at the end of the grow for QB288 boards so I wont be facing extra heat from those. I just need to find out how to battle the humidity... I feel I am removing enough from the air despite the two small ones that I have.
  12. I think your humidity will sort itself out once you take care of your heat issue. If you have two dehumidifiers running plus fans that should be Overkill for a 5*5.

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  13. https://tinyurl.com/y35skjnn

    That is the biggest dehumidifier I have. Right now without any lights on, its ambient temp is 29.8 at 60% RF
  14. Damn that's high for no lights brother....you should be in the low twenties......

    What are temps and rh outside the tent?

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    All I read so far is promix HP and hoping it works out better this time. I'm a fairly experienced promix grower. About 3 years now. I originally went for the sunshine brand promix because it's so much cheaper where I am anyway. It's $39 for the same size container that's $51 of promix HP so I resisted using it.

    I always blended about 15% or so extra course perlite with my sunshine promix because most manufacturers don't put enough perlite in IMO and using course helps that even more.

    I had great success like that but I would read posts from other promix growers saying that sunshine #4 stuff is crap and promix brand HP is the shit. You can use it right out of the bail because it's 30% perlite. This is what I had heard.

    Finally broke down and bought a bail of promix HP over the sunshine about a year ago. Planted a batch of plants in it right out of the bail. You know what happened? They all started to die. The Promix HP straight from the bail retains so much moisture it's unbelievable. It doesn't drain at all. It most certainly needs extra perlite just like sunshine does to function properly. In fact I think even more so. I've never seen anything stay so wet. When I transplanted out of it to a mix with more perlite I had to wring the rootballs out like a wet sponge they had so much water in them. The roots couldn't get any oxygen.

    Don't believe the hype on promix HP. Not worth the extra price. Sunshine #4 is a better mix for cannabis. You need about 15% additional course perlite and put it in a fabric pot elevated out of the drain tray. The roots get almost as much oxygen as a mechanical hydro system like that. The plants take off like rockets.

  16. Right now out side its 22 with 98% humidity

    But I live a literal stones throw from Lake Ontario. Is there too much moisture in the air
  17. High humidity is good for plants as long as you can keep your circulation of air up and prevent mold. It will keep them from transpiring as much as keep the feed/moisture in the plants.
  18. I happen to also live in a temperate rainforest. It's raining 3 out of 5 days on average. Average humidity outside is near 100%. My grow tent is in a heated indoor space and the lights off humidity with my exhaust and circ fans running 24/7 is 60% at lights off and 40% at lights on. It gets as low as 35% when it's warm out for a few days.

    You might not have enough exhaust fan or you might not be running it all the time along with running circ fans 24/7? That can help a lot.
  19. Look at KingBright's selection on Alibaba. IMO outside of HLG and Invisible Sun they have the best board designs and nobody competes with their price.

    These are their newest boards. The v3's. Most of them have Samsung 301H diodes for the main whites and depending on what board you pick up you can get a mix of other diodes. Better options then HLG.
    Quantum Board V3, Quantum Board V3 direct from Shenzhen Kingbrite Electronics Co., Ltd. in CN
  20. I hope you also realize that promix is a hydro grow method very similar to coco but not as picky. In fact coco is usually the 2nd ingredient in promix. It's almost as much coco as it is peat.

    It only has a light nutrient charge to start a seed after one feeding of just water when I transplant a larger plant I go back to standard hydro feed methods. I treat and feed a promix plant exactly like I did my DWC plants. I went from bucket DWC to promix to simplify my work load. Even though the stem structure and plants themselves are slightly less vigorous when growing with promix. The yield is similar and I don't have to change water or listen to an air pump.

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