5x5 Grow Tent. Two 600's or One 1000?

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  1. I have a 5x5x6(tall) Grow tent. I will be growing on a 4x4 tray/table inside of it. Tray will be about 5 inches off the floor.

    I plan on growing 8-12 plants at a time. I will be doing several grows and experimenting with SOG and SCROG. Which ever grow method I like growing the best I will stick with.

    I am at a point where I can go with two 600 HPS or one 1000 HPS. Which option would you recommend? The two 600's cost more to buy and to run, but it seems like it provide better coverage.

    Pro's con's?

  2. Im running a 4x4 grow area w/ 12 plants at this time and my 1000w seems to be just right .:wave:
  3. i personally think you would be better off with the 1k, i believe that the 2 600's will produce a bit more heat, than just the 1k, but if heat is not a problem, go with the 2 600's with cool tubes and get those lights real close

    ps : avrg rated life on the 600w---16000 hrs
    avrg rated life on the 1k w--24000 hrs
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    Im in the same position about to setup 12 or 14 under two 600's. Doing this will get me more light in more areas of the plants gaining nicer buds in the places that would not get as much light with one 1000.

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