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5x5 Ebb and Flow 6 plants GS Cookies & Space Queen

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Tywoods, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Here is my setup. Its is as follows

    2 x 600w mh @ 50% for veg
    1 500 cfm exhaust through light
    1 250 cfm intake through light, from window
    Carbon filter on exhaust
    50 ppm norcal water
    4 Dark heart nursery Girl Scout Cookies from Harborside Heath Center
    2 Dark heart nursery SpaceQueen from "" ""

    Fox farm veg nutes, cal-mag, silica add-in, ANs B52, couple capfulls of hydrogen peroxide in a 35gal res. All add-ins are used at 1/2 strength. Base nutes as needed to maintain 800ppm.

    The PH 5.7 PPM 800. RH is 40% and temp is 75 with the lights on, and 65 at night, lights off.. 18/6

    They have been vegging since Thanksgiving 2012, In 6in Rockwool, and a 4x4 coco mat. Watered twice a day. I just folded them into the screen today, and added the second light. I will veg for another 2 weeks, or untill I see them starting to take over 70% of the screen. I'll post another picture, and higher quality ones once I have some bud pr0n,.


  2. nice set up! im subbed

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