5x5 1000w master kush grow journal, switch to perpetual system.

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  1. Alright so here is the layout:
    Flower tent (soon to be)
    5x5 Apollo tent
    1000w hps w/ hort eye bulb
    6in hydrofarm inline, 6in filter
    One oscillating fan, one non oscillating fan

    Right now there are three master kush ladies inside, they are getting 18 hours of light, some supplemented by the sun but I am flipping them in two days. I could definitely veg them longer but lessons learned so I'm switching to the perpetual system which includes;

    Metal stand housing 4ft t5 4 bulb.
    6 cfl (blue light) that are placed to get any dark areas. The box is being built this weekend to be fully enclosed. I intend on possibly adding additional lighting to this area. Reason being is I take the clones I have now (2 master kush clones looking great, 1 random clone that my friend couldn't house but is starting to really show some cool genetics behind it, and since Tuesday I have obtained 3 cherry bomb clones that I transplanted yesterday) and move them into the sun all day and then supplement lighting until 12-2am. Oh and I also have 7 newly sprouted nysd seeds that I was again given to by a friend (I have a good 20-30 more so I'll slowly be trying to find the beasts).

    I run completely organic, so my soil mix is
    Peat moss/ewc/rice hulls
    Amendments: crab, kelp, alfalfa, neem, oyster, dolomite, green sand, and bokashi

    My feeds include so far a aerated comfort leaf tea that I've let a airstone aerate for roughly 6 days (smell good and I use it diluted) and one act with ewc, alfalfa, neem, kelp, bokashi, and Epson salt. All at extremely small doses.

    I will be introducing some other inputs that I'll explain as I use them or once they are completed. Pics will be added shortly to give a better idea and since this is my second garden any and all input is welcome. My first garden (4 haog 4 TahoeXsharkshock) was hit by russet mites two days before flower. I chopped them all and that's the reason for going perpetual. I also colonized two different species of mites in my tent in order to combat any future problems. I have Swirskii and Californicus mites as well as other soil decomposers.

    I am also curious to see if anyone has had master kush in their garden before and what to expect from stretch?

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