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    Hi all, Im Soup, been reading through various grows on this site, mostly the auto's for a bit of inspiration :). Decided to start my own, no idea if its going to get any interest but would be good to look back on a documented grow of mine online.
    So heres my setup:
    Grow room -  Wooden box i built and lined with white/black sheeting stuff (mylar?) 180cmx170cm.x130cm.
    Light -  600w HPS dual spectrum 
    Medium -  Coco Coir (all my hydro shop had sadly)
    Nutrients -  IONIC grow/bloom, Might use my Superthrive but not sure.
    Ventalation -  Is poor! got a decent oscillating fan but no intake/exhaust, gets so hot i had to take most of the back wall out.
    Seeds -  5x Auto-Amnesia (Pyramid Seeds) 1x Cream Manderine (not an auto, a freebee seed)
    The room with lights on is usually around 25/27c and with it off i believe its around 16/17c so not ideal at night really. 
    Ill be running the whole thing on a 18/6 light cycle and when the autos complete ill switch the remaining photo plant to 12/12 and it should be huge by then :). The plants are already 12 days since popping so their getting along quite nicely, im going to take some pics of it all and ill upload those later tonight. 
    Cheers and hope you enjoy, any advice is always welcome :)

  2. Sorry i havent got round to this sooner, had trouble with my digital camera, got a new one tommorow. But for now i have a few slightly older pics of my plants up untill about 3 days ago, starting with the earliest. 
    (Appologies for the strobing on the pics)
    IMG_2199.JPG   IMG_2207.JPG IMG_2212.JPG IMG_2215.JPG IMG_2218.JPG
    Been having some slight wilting in the Auto's since repotting them from tiny pots into these big ones, i know im not meant to transplant auto's but i was impatient lol. 
    Spent ages searching the internet for a reason to the wilting and the fact my coco is CONSTANTLY bloody soaking wet :/ . From what i now gather its because i shouldnt have planted such small seedlings into such a big pot of coco.. I hope thats why anyway, if anyone knows otherwise please let me know lol.
    Cheers, and will be back tomoz to post some updated pics (without strobing crap :) )
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    Anyone know how to make the thumbnails for the pics smaller? Ive seen other people have small ones in a line...?
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    Day 15 since sprouting.
    Right got some more pics, they seem to be growing loads each day, loving auto's! Sorry for the crap pics, still using my iphone and the blurriness i think is from taking pics through my sun glasses.. really need to get a new digital. 
    Some info -  Had a couple light feeds of IONIC Grow.. but watered yesterday with just water. 
    IMG_2229.JPG IMG_2225.JPG IMG_2227.JPG IMG_2230.JPG
    These pics are the non-auto (Cream Manderine F1 - From Sweet Seeds), which seems to be growing a bit faster than the rest, not sure why but cant complain.
    IMG_2231.JPG IMG_2228.JPG
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    Subbed up, shout me if need help.
    Am currently midway into my 3rd and 4th grows.
    I'll tell you what, it would be good if you could get some sort of air intake into your box.
    Even if you cut a hole and wack a PC fan to push fresh air into the box.
    But you should be able to pick up a cheap 4" or 5" fan like this off ebay:
    Also think about a carbon filter too, as the smell does get pretty extreme once plants start to flower.
    I've got a NL x BB auto just going into it's 4th week of flowering.
    Plus also have Sweet Skunk auto on day 22 of its grow.
    Sorry man where you based?
    UK or stateside?
    Hey dude! I keep seeing you on other grow topics lol! Thanks for popping in and i already have a question for you im afraid :) .. My auto's have just shown their first pistils.. very small ones and very few but does that mean i should flick to flower nutes? (im assuming i give it a bit longer with grow but any idea how much longer?)
    And yeah the air intake thing has been such a bloody issue since i started growing (3rd proper grow now over 2years), i actually have one of those exact fans you showed me but i had to stop using it cause of the noise it makes, even though its tiny its strangely loud and living in a terraced house it worries me lol..
    I do try to keep the door open on the box when the lights on in the hope that sortof lets them use the air in my bedroom in general, do you think that would do much or not..? Its the same reason of noise that stopped me getting a filter too really, plus my house always stinks of weed so i try to not think about the smell and hope i dont get raided like half my neighbours where i live lol!
    Im from the UK by the way so should probably be more carefull really :/
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    You could just get a small clip fan and blow that into the box on a low setting.
    As for nutes if just shown, I'd slowly intro at 1/4 strength to start with.
    You should still feed grow nutes along with bloom nutes also.
    Don't touch superthrive unless you have  problem with your plant.
    You could still easily LST, as you plants are't too big at the moment.
    I was worried about noise levels too, am in semi. My carbon filter fan is abit noisy but it basically sounds like an extrator fan from my bathroom so i feel i just about get away with it. My intake smaller fan is not that noisy and I hardly notice it.
    Invest in a glade plugin too, not quite as effective as an carbon filter but it masks the smell.
  8. Cool well i have a glade plug in or two and a smaller fan so ill wack that near the hole in my wall lol. As for the LST i think out of pure laziness im going to leave that this grow, do it on my next one instaid i reckon. Been having on and off wilting issues now so thats my latest concern lol, thanks to someone i mailed on these forums who has grown in 100% coco though i think i have a bit of a clearer idea, my concern was my coco staying wet and heavy in the pot basically forever, never dries out really. 
    But going to ignore and feed again lol!
  9. So its day 17 for my plants :)
    I have been reading my order email from attitude seed bank and have realised i got the names of BOTH strains i am growing completely wrong.. no idea how (being too high probably lol) so i need to ammend that..
    The Autos are NOT Auto-Amnesia.. they are Auto-Anesthesia !!   Which is apparently a 7 week strain from seed to harvest :)
    The Photo is NOT Cream Manderine.. It is Aroma by CH9 Seeds (they literally stapled a baggy with Aroma written on it, onto a card for Cream Manderine. But im 99% sure its Aroma now (its a strong indica)
    Anyway not the stupidity is out of the way lol, i have some pics for ya, all the autos are showing a few tiny pistils each now, so flowering has begun!! WOOOOO!! and potentially only 5 or 6 weeks left if Pyramid seeds are right.
    IMG_2232.JPG IMG_2233.JPG IMG_2237.JPG IMG_2236.JPG
    Found a root like only 1cm or so under the top soil layer.. what the hell!? :O
    And the Photo plant, looking wilted to fook! but healthy i think. Had to tuck some of the big ass fan leaves to make room for the lower heads. 
  10. I don't know much about Coco grows to be honest, but have read you may need to water them
    very slightly every day.

    How big are you pots?
    Am a guess gonna say about 250ml or 350ml of water a day, as read Coco get dry really quick.
    I stress am just guess and know nothing about Coco.
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    Yeah i dont know much about it too, bloody stuff. If i was less impatient i wouldnt have this problem lol. What amazes me is EVERYWHERE i learn about coco.. people always say the same thing.. coco is impossible to overwater, you need to water it everyday etc. etc. and like you said everyone tells me .. coco dries out super quick so be carefull!
    But my coco does not dry... atall... ever! lol.. its so wierd, not even the top layer dries. But oh well. Just gunna keep going and hope for the best i reckon. 
    Oh and my pots im not sure how big to be honest, no idea how much a gallon is but i would say the pots are about 30cm tall and 30cm wide.. so quite big
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    Day 20 Since Popping -    Right i have some more pics, they look a bit strange because ive just had to tuck a load of fan leaves under the smaller heads to let them grow through.. wish i cud pluck some of the buggers off!
    IMG_2242.jpg IMG_2243.jpg
    A crap pic from beneaf (was hard to get a good angle with my phone)
    And one of 4 big ass fan leaves i have had to remove from my photo plant to let the heads grow through
    All seems to be going well, really well i think. Growing like crazy at the min, pistils increasing but still waiting for the bloom to really kick off. Fed them Some water with very minute ammounts of superthrive and then today watered with a tiny ammount of superthrive and half strength growth nutes.
    Anyone know if its a bad idea to remove fan leaves from auto's? Im guessing it will stunt them like topping etc. does...?
  13. Well i dunno but wat i did hear is that hps can turn autos hermaphrodite. 
  14. lol really? ive never heard that before, hopefully wont happen eh
  15. Its in this utube video.-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wGlZ8hqapE . At one point early on he says ideally u want blue light spectrum light until the plant starts showing ..and i believe he says " sets". Im gonna watch it again try 2 find the time where he says that. He sorta seems like he knows wat hes talking about.
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    Well im really not worried about that lol, ive done a little research since you mentioned it and didnt find anything of concern.
    Besides their in flowering now so HPS is ideal anyway.
  17. Plus my lights Dual Spec so it covers all spectrums needed. Maybe not as well as having both MH and HPS, but ive heard of plenty people using them throughout veg and flower.
  18. By the way can forum mod's close this thread pls. Sorry but going to go back to my old forum, need more feedback regarding watering and my nutes and replies are hard to come by here..
    Cya and thanks.

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