5wk today,,,my girls looking lovely,,,woop woop

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  1. Little update on this master kush,,,,,lemon haze,,,,,white witch,,,,,no problems with them at min,,looking good for 5 wk today,,,,,got 4 wk left,,,cant wait to get rolling ,,,,lets no what you guys think,,,woop woop ,,,"helthy smoking guys,,,

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  2. looks good bro. just don't rely on breeder times...if it says 9 weeks prepare for 10-11 from flip. if you're a seasoned grower....you prob know that.

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  3. +2
  4. nice christmas tree looking nugs
  5. Yea I was goni run to 10half wk,,,The kush is 8__9wk and the white witch is 8wk,,the lemon is 8half,,,so flush at 8half. And give 10 ___12 days flush,,,that should do it. Nice 1justalilcrazy,,,ile kep posting,,,happy smoking guys
  6. Thx skullbasher,,,they stink like f**c aswel,,oil is something else,,really sticky really smelly got little airy on 4 top buds,,,why I dont no,,everything else is just great,, so im not to bothered,,,it was seeds that I took cuttings from so maybe them 4 was from the 1 seed,,,thats all I can think,,,thx for the post ,,,ile keep growing n posting,,,happy smoking,,,,
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