5weeks of flower( water question )

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  1. Hey guys iam using 2x 250cfl´s

    Fluorbunt perur - InniGarðar

    2700k & 6500k blue and red

    iam having 2 plants they are in 4 gallon pot each i have never flushed them before
    i just did that and before i have been feeding them this


    Google myndaniðurstaða fyrir http://www.nexternal.com/tbt/images/FloraSeries_320.jpg

    a big link but using N 3 ml - P 6 ml - K 9ml and just added my water is around 6.5 and the soil is around 6.5-7

    Been feeding them 400ml every day with nut is that ok? coz i feel like they dont grow at all :p

    i just flushed them today with like 60-70l of water so no nutrients are now

    What next? should i feed them right away? or let them dry for few days and feed them? and how often to i give them water? water with nut every day 400ml? or nut second day and other day just water
  2. i dont know how often you shoukld feet your plants as some strains can handle alot more food than others. are you not leting the soil dry out to get better root growth? ive read to stick your finger down 1-2 inches in the soil if its dry water it if not wait a bit. by letting the soil dry out a bit will help with root development getting the air to them easyer and also root rot from to much water
  3. so what should i do

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