5th week of flower

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  1. This is my first serious grow, I'm in my fifth week of flowering. How do they look and how much longer till they're done do you guys think? I've attached pictures of all three of my plants, mostly up close of the buds. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I take it you don't have a preferred method? I'll just spout out a few things here. Do you have a jeweler's loupe? You can use trichomes as one of your guides. Another thing I notice about most plants in the fan leaves surrounding the buds will look like harvest time. I've seen a lot of people asking what's wrong with their plant when it gets really close to harvest because their fan leaves start to orange and brown out. It's just a sign that the time is near. The plant will start focusing all of its energy on the buds. The plant is willing to die to make the buds and that's exactly what you'll see begin to occur.
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  3. Those leaves still look pretty happy and healthy. I'd say you have a ways to go!
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  4. Some people keep up strong doses of nutes all throughout flower and keep perfectly green plants up to harvest. I'd say waiting until almost all the hairs are red would be a bit more accurate in my opinion that is if a loupe is not used.

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    You didn't show a pic of the entire plants but most of the buds look small and very ripe for 5 weeks. What lights are you using?
    These two plants are 5 weeks of flowering for a comparison.
    Flower 5 weeks.JPG
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  6. I'll post a few more pictures when I get home from work. Yeah I don't think I have enough lighting, for my next grow I'm only doing 2 plants, think my lights my be a little too high as well.

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  7. They look a bit over fertilized...dark green leaves means nitrogen toxicity. A pic of the overall plant would be nice instead of just the bud tops. We run a 10 week flower cycle here but you can usually harvest most strains at around 8 weeks....assuming you have environment/lighting/etc. needed to do the job.
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  8. Here is a picture of the three plants from the top, let me know if I should take one of another angle [​IMG]

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  9. What lighting? My guess is CFL's.
  10. LEDs actually, two 24 watt grow lights

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  11. You might want to consider a shitload more light for your next grow. As you can already see 48 watts of light will not yield you much at all.
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  12. If the buds look ripe for 5 weeks should I consider harvesting earlier than 8 weeks? I'm not trying to rush it, I just know that past a certain point the buds can start to deteriorate.

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  13. You need to check the color of your trichs to determine that.

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