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  1. how does this look for week 5 flowering? leafs are curling ip a bit i think it grew a bit too close to the cfls so ive just moved them up an inch

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  2. Looks really nice man. What kind of setup you got going? Light wattage? Strains, growroom description, nutes. I'm about to start a cfl grow and would like to do half as well as that.
  3. Pretty good for CFL. Whats your wattage and whats your nutrient NPK right now?

    I see a bit of stretching in the top of your bud that might be caused by to much nitrogen and phosphore!
  4. yeah i thought the bud looked a bit strange im using 2 125 enviro light 2700k cfls i just repotted into a bigger pot the soil is plagron bat mix which has got nutes not sure if this is giving it too much nitrogen and phosphore? but im also feeding half strength canna terra flores 2-2-4 and big bud also half strength 0-1-3 its reserva privada kandy kush still got 4-5 weeks more flowering time any surgestion on what to do?

  5. thanks man its reserva privada kandy kush plagron bat mix soil 1 125w enviro light cfls. i used no nutes in veg and in flowering ive used canna terra flores bud blood big bud and i will b using overdrive in a couple of weeks.
  6. Never use soil with nutrients in it! At week 5 if I where you I would use 1/4 strength of 2-2-4 and 3/4 strength of 0-1-3 with a ppm level of 800 ;)

    Once last thing I forgot to ask how much floor space your using with those bulbs?
  7. its in a 45 by 55 cm closet
  8. they are going back into a vegitative state

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