5mm glass vs 7mm glass:is 7mm really worth it?

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  1. Hey about to order a roor fairmaster from EDIT (if this is a horrible idea feel free to let me know why) and just wondering is the extra 2mm of glass REALLY worth it or will i be satisfied with the 5mm thickness as far as durablility and taking a couple knocks thanks in advance and happy toking :D
  2. I think RooRs are overpriced, but if you want one then go for it. Personally, 5 mm is good.
  3. no amount of thickness is worth more than being careful.

    Some people just like the idea of a heavy duty bong.

    But the thinkness is less important than you trying your best to be safe.

    thats why I stick to 5mm. Im just careful.
  4. I think 5mm is just perfect for a bit of a wierd reason.

    Basically the 7mm tubes are heavy enough that the pieces become cumbersome. That way they can hit of shit easier so it outweighs the benefits of an extra 2mm of glass.
  5. thanks both i think i'll go with the 5mm rasta fairmaster then anyone else care to weigh in?
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    I think kliff's pretty much summed it up in what he said^
    Personally I'll admit to just liking the idea of a heavy duty bong and wanting to go with that super thick 7mm, but I don't think that the extra 2mm really justifies the extra $$. Trust me, you'll be plenty happy with the 5mm.
    Here's the thing, if you went with the 7mm, would you purposefully handle the bong more carelessly than you would the 5mm, banking on the fact that it won't break because of the extra 2mm? While it may add some protection it still isn't indestructible, and we both know that to treat it like it is would be dumb. I'd say go with the 5mm and just be careful...it's glass duh :D
    By the way, I'm a big fan of the rasta RooR's (don't really know why I'm so partial to them, I just am)! Make sure to post pictures/milk on here if/when you get it!

    Peace :smoke:
  7. ya man they are say what is true. the question for you is are you careful when you are baked or can you forget about what you got. we have a 5mm syn and a 7mm syn and a 9mm syn (custom nd thick as shit) but its all up to how much money you got and how careful you think you are because they will break, it just happens.

    we had a 5mm from cali break on us last week but than we got a 12 tree perc sym to replace it lol so nice

    but the dudes above summed up most of it
  8. thanks all who replied and anyone know if all us tubes are 18" or are their some bigger?

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