5Meo-DMT, how to smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by inhale, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Do I NEED a meth/crack pipe or can I use a spoon? You don\'t burn this stuff, you vaporize it I assume?

    I don\'t want to use aluminium foil and a straw.
  2. I\'ve seen people vaporize herb in those crystal vega glass cigar tubes
  3. Spoon should work just fine, but the glass meth pipe is really your best bet for freebasing anything.

    Ars, I thought they stopped selling cigars in glass tubes for that exact reason...so people couldn\'t smoke shit out of em.
  4. Nah man, I still collect them. :hello:
  5. maybe its a vegas thing fe I picked up a 3 pack awhile back

    oddly enough one of my first tries at glasswork with a cheap propane torch netted me a melted down yet still solid tube shape that sort of resembled a buttplug

    Well I had properly soot anealed the piece and it looked solid so when a female stoned friend came by for a smoke she seemed to dig it and not caring I said take it

    mentally it came to me a bit before she left to say \'use a condom\' in a half serious half joking way

    I\'m probably dead on...stoner or not she wasn\'t the sexually comfortable type lol no dildo buying for her :p

    Ahh I ramble.. lol milk gallon vapor shooters are addictive but uh yeah there are other legal uses for those tubes blown into a shape or left alone lol
  6. when i had 6-meo-dmt i jus put it in a regular pipe with a screen in it and it worked 100% fine, i was fucked up haha
  7. I\'m sure you could order a DMT pipe.
  8. I agree with Neg, because he knows what he\'s talking about, and he\'s speaking from experience. You know?
  9. A pipe with a screen.. well I didn\'t get it yet, I was assuming it\'s very fine powder. So when I get it I will see if I could do that. Thanks for the replies.
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