5J's PC grow Build to Harvest Scrog

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by 5Jperday, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Yo again guys,
    im startin a micro grow of my own.

    plan is to produce around 2oz every 2 1/2 months or so using Scrog to keep the light uniform which i think is key for micro grows.

    anyways heres what i got so far

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  2. How many plants u gonna put in there? and are you using that for veg/flower?
  3. I will probably scrog 1 or maybe 2 plants max in there.
    atm i think i will be Vegging + flowering in it until i finish building my slightly larger cabinet that will have a 90w LED in it for budding. but thats all in the future atm.

    think i am going to 1-2 grows in this first.

    The PC is almost complete, i just gotta figure out how im going to fit my 125w cfl in there.
  4. I'd say no more than 2 plants.
    How many actual watts are you planning to put it?
  5. well i have 1 x 125w Maxibright CFL to go in there, My plan is to mount it to an E40 bolted in at the Psu, or to the CD drive frame. That, or Buy a reflector that will fit and araldite it to the top of the case.

    The araldite was my orginal plan, but i ordered a reflector thats about an inch too long to fit inside..
  6. Thats unfortunate...
    Any way you can fit 2 125w CFLs and have 2 plants? That would be pretty darn great:smoke:
  7. Also see here, i basically used some tin snips to cut the insides of the PSU and cut the side flaps off.

    those Blue brown and green/yellow wires coming from the IEC connection on the PSU, could they be used to power my light?

    i read somewhere that PSU's convert the AC power from the socket into DC which could only power fans and stuff, but i gutted out all that crap and its just left with those, and a few extra electrical things.

    im not an electrician or anything so im asking if anyone knows about this stuff and could help me out?

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  8. As much i as i would like to do that :)
    i think that it would create too much heat. Ive never heard of anyone go over 150w in a PC case. i think anything over 100W per Sq Ft is awesome.
  9. I wouldn't use that, I would do away with the PSU and put some fans there with a light trap..

  10. But is it possible? I mean i think extra fans would be nice but im trying to be stealthy, and if i could use a regular PC cord to power it rather than rerouting wiring through a differnt place itd be very helpful.

    I could just cover up the fan hole with black tape then and it would look legit.
    Im also planning on hotglueing the motherboard input frame onto the back where its brown card if you know what i mean.
  11. Oh, I see the white box you're talking about. I'm guessing that it's a capacitor to stabilize power fluctuation...I'm 99% sure that you can ignore it.

    Your wires are colored differently than mine.
    Wiring Color Codes : COLOR CODES
    According to that, the green with yellow stripe is GROUND,
    blue is NEUTRAL,
    and brown (looks orange to me but w/e) is HOT.

    The neutral wire connects to the case,
    the hot wire connects to the switch, if you want to use it.
  12. in an hour or so im going to bolt in the E40 and wire it to the IEC connection on the back of the PSU plate. Then i will cover up the exposed connections with something (not sure what to use yet) and fit mylar around it.

    Then all i gotta do is finishing touches and germ some seed and grow :)

    I already have a 8" tall auto in my garden disguised in the bushes with small buds on them which i could throw in the PC.

    Im wondering if 125W CFL is better than UK outdoor sun :p
  13. hiya again guys,
    well heres what i got so far.

    Wired it up and bolted it in. I covered the fan hole on the PSU with black folder fabric hotglued in. Its ready to go now just needs tidying up.

    Also i MUST ask this for safety reasons ofc, but Does the 125W NEED to be Earthed?
    Atm its just Neutral + Live wired as there is no where to wire the earth to in the E40, on the PSU plate where the IEC connector is the earth is self tapping screwed onto the PSU frame itself. But as im using standard 3 core instead of the IEC for the time being theres nowhere to put the earth so i snipped it down a tiny bit.

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  14. There is a huge error in my last post. I meant to say connect the ground to the case, NOT the neutral.
    The lightbulb doesn't get grounded/earthed because it's not conductive.
    Also, be careful with the reflective material. Some of that stuff is electrically conductive.
    Looks good though. Have you tested the temperatures yet?
  15. got some more pics,
    everythings done now, just gotta do some touch ups, its a real bitch to stop all the light leaking around the corners, also i gotta glue in the CD drive faceplate at the front.

    I also ordered some 5mm Black foam to make a light trap for the rear fan + ordered an ONA block for smell.

    gonna order some seeds probably Autos or i might get some standard fems and scrog in there.

    I still have some Super Lemon haze seeds from my previous grow which i could use, from what i read they should be exact copies of the previous plant so feminised also.

    as you can also see the temps are pretty stable around 80f

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  16. hi again,
    good to see this thread is popular xD

    Anyways, i decided to start working on this little cab that i had lying around.
    First i fitted a Lock and hot glued mylar in and wired my 3 45w CFls into parallel and Drilled them in horizontally.

    Its pretty small but should work nicely for a veg cab or maybe a little Scrog.

    Anyways heres some pics of Before + after.

    Oh and also i threw the auto into the PC for the past day or so and its looking real good.

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  17. Are you using any sort of odor control?

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