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5g Live Resin or 4g Sugar Wax?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PissedOffOSUAlumnus, Jan 13, 2023.

  1. #1 PissedOffOSUAlumnus, Jan 13, 2023
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2023
    I have used both of these and I love both of them.
    I am currently on a 3-month tolerance break.

    At my dispensary, they currently have a small jar of 5g Live Resin for $40 without tax. The Live Resin is Distro 10 Brand.
    They also have the Summit 4g Strawberry Banana Sugar Wax for $40 without wax.

    Which one would you rather get?
    I get it, the Live Resin has an extra gram of material. But would you rather spend that money on the Live Resin or Sugar Wax?
    I plan on buying this and storing it in the fridge for late March when my break ends and I start making both Cannagars and Thai Sticks before I start curing it for July 4th.
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  2. @PissedOffOSUAlumnus , your project sounds like fun, collecting all the forms of cannabis you'll need for Thai sticks and cannagars. I personally would go with the sugar wax, or buy one of each at that price! It sounds to me like you're using high potency materials and your 'gars and 'sticks should be awesome. I admire you for sticking to your break, mate. That's tough stuff, though three months is an awesome break and you're gonna get so high on that stuff your making. I'm looking forward to pictures when you get to rolling.

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