57 Days old. 8wks veg

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  1. Hey all here's a pic from the 16/09/07

    Added new reflective sheeting really does the trick.

    Btw its small because ive trimmed it twice dont ask why just did it thought it would be better when flowering! its my first time :(


    More snap shots below:
  2. looks like you did a nice pruning job on it, looks like its about 18 or so inches tall, and well looks like that pot its in is much too small, ive heard a saying around Gc for every 12inches of vertical growth there should be 1 gallon of soil, but looks like its going along very smoothly.
  3. Might change pot but dont know yet.. might make it too big!!

    Check these out below:

    Did a perfect top on it!

    Trimmed it far far too much.

    Look where i topped it PERFECT!
  4. you should have left the fan leaves by the top job other that that its nice, and that trimming job on 1/9/07 pretty much made it naked, if you have string laying around you could try to even out those tops a bit that would help in the bud growth if its female, and a new pot would definatly help with growth but as yous aid its already tall, thats why tieing them down and evening them out will help control vertical growth, same with topping multiple spots, then again topping to much too often cuases stress and that means high chance of males!
  5. Going to get new Pot on saturday and some food for it.

    Yes i stripped it and i wish i never did BUT if i had'nt of trimmed it it would be twice the size now.

    New Snap Shots: Dated From 17/09/07 to 19/09/07
  6. so once you get the new pot are you planning on putting it into flower? the size about doubles during flower so whats your plan of action? it looks pretty darn healthy as it is now though. and what kinda food were you thinking of getting for it? something high in phosphorous is best during flower (its the middle number)
  7. Flowering starts this saturday, getting new pot (bigger), Flowering bloom stage 2 for its food (my mate is getting it all for me), adding a flavour to it also (Cherry), organic blocks (as im getting rid of the old soil as it was only good for veggie). Thats it sooooo..... far!!.

    Light will just get hightened up every 3 days till it reaches the top of the grow room :rolleyes: .

    Its very healthy now, do you wanna know why? (Ain't bloody trim it at all not since i ripped it clothes off lmao) :mad:.

    So far its:

    Stage 1: Vegatation: 63 Days/9wks maxed Total from seed!
    Stage 2: Flowering: Starts 22/9/07 Saturday! 8 to 12wks MAX!!

    Day 1:

    Will show pic later.... tonight.

    Thanks for the input valleyhempz,

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