55W fluores @ 6000K spectrum is ok for vegging ?

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  1. hi guys,

    i will use compact strip fluorescents for vegging moms,clones and during all vegging stage

    i will buy 80cm X 80cm homebox S as vegging room,as you know

    i can only find 6000K OSRAM Delux L 55W/860 in my country.
    is it right spectrum for vegging & moms & clones ?

    how many lumens are needed for vegging in 80cm X80 cm tent ?

    i can use 6 X 55w fluores.6 X 4550 = 27300

    i will put about 16 girls at vegging at the same time in Homebox S.

    i think 27300 lumens @ 6000K would be alright for 16 vegging girls in homebox S.
    Is it true ?
    i dont want to spend for MH at this time..
    what do you think ? ?

    it is the lamp:

    thanks bros.
  2. 6000k should be good for moms and clones, but not sure if that will be enough light for the entire veg of 16 plants.
  3. how much light do i need ?
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    people are gunna ell u your supposed to do 100 watt per plant but i jus vegged 8 plants under a 250MH and there duin great but I think a 400 mh would be better. if u dont veg them to long those might be enough what are you using for flowering?
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    i have 600w hps with 120 X120 cm (it is 16 sqft ) tent.i am planning on growing 15 plant.

    just i want to know,doesnt less light need during vegging ?

    if you say 100watt per plant,i need to use 1600 watt hps for 16 plants ?

    many people uses T5 fixtures and also 'mr .green' says hps or MH not needed for vegging..
    i am confused!?!
  6. honestlly man the lights you have will prob do the job. You won't get the biggest plants but if your cool for lees than go for it because not everybody needs to grow 8 footer but I would add some cfls in thier because they are great because of the small size and a new 26 watt daylight bulb putrs out about 1200 to 1600 lumens. I would suggest adding 10 to 12 cfl bulbs which honestly not to many watts only about 240 and as long as you have a fan blowing on at least medium over the bulbs the heat won't be too bad.

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