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550 for an O?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Contristo, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. looking for some stuff, some guy texts me to let me know he can give me an O for 550.

    now, this seems a bit ridiculous to me. has anyone ever come close to buying an O for that much? he says it's some fire, but i don't how any stuff could be that good to be worth the price.
  2. Thats stupid as hell.
  3. That's a ridiculous price man, it's over double what i would pay for some straight chronic.
  4. it better come in a gold bag for that price
  5. yeah, I'll just stick with the guy who delivers me 6 g's of dank for 100 to my apartment. not an amazing deal but i think 6 for 100 is good for nyc

  6. should be atleast 7g for 100 imo
  7. Thats really high for an O, but he could be getting a better price from a dealer and charging you more to make a profit. Its shitty thats way too high.
  8. yeah maybe if it was some fire ass bubble hash :rolleyes:.. and even then that might be iffy
  9. thats about right in baltimore prices..7g 125-150; 14g 250-300; 28g 500-600
  10. That sucks. I'm sorry you have to pay that much.
  11. if it doesnt come with a ZJ i'd say fuck no. thats like 70$ an 8th. i wouldnt pay over 300 just because i could never afford to smoke a 300$ oz in a week or less. not that i do by myself, but im with a ton of people who all share bud everytime so we kinda just rotate, idk weird. but w.e
  12. haha yeah, and I just buy stuff to smoke it myself. if I was actually dealing and bought that O for 550 I'd have to be charging 30+/g to make a profit! just shows how ridiculous it is

    yeah, 6 g for 100 isn't amazing but it's always good bud and he's reliable and comes to my apt any time. i'm used to the east coast prices anyways...

    evanjelos420 is unfortunately spot on with those prices... I would pay 110/quarter and 200/half at THE BEST DEAL when i was living in nj, so these nyc prices aren't really phasing me but the 550 is ridiculous for anywhere
  13. I have paid 550 for an ounce a few times and the stuff was amazing, but its definately way overpriced and the dealer is making a huge profit.
  14. once knew a guy that payed 425 for an O for some of the best stuff I've ever smoked...only other thing i've smoked that was better what white widow straight from cali. also the prices where i live for dank are 60/110/200 typically, so yes 550 is way way overpriced.
  15. Ive gotten qps for less
  16. i was just thinkin that... at least a fuckin quarter.
  17. what?? thats insane! i get "fire" for 160 an oz
  18. i can get a pound for that much.....
  19. here u can get a qp of mids for 300 bucks

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