55 Year Prison Sentence For 350 Worth Of MJ

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    This article is from November so it's a few months old. Completely outrageous if you ask me.
    And then this little gem...
    Yes.. The statistics are old... But do you really think the current ones are any better...?
    I'd much rather have the drug dealers in jail right?  :rolleyes:

  2. ridiculous 
    but he was retarted for keeping a gun w/ his weed
  3. While I agree I think the point is moot. 
    You know what this makes me think?
    If I were to commit a crime, I'd rather rape someone than smoke a joint...
    I mean look at the consequences... Smoking a joint must be so much worse than raping someone right?  :rolleyes:
    Sarcasm not directed at you personally, just in general lol.
  4. Has nothing to do with weed he was probably a repeat offender and shouldn't of had guns anyways you don't get 55 years for selling an expensive oz...Sent from my VS840 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Sigh... Do you really not understand what is going on?
    Even if he was a repeat offender... Do you really think this is justified in anyway...? Even if he was a repeat offender he will cost the system $1.5 Million... So you're fine with tax payers spending that much on this low life?
    And not only that, but rapists spend less time in jail than people who get convicted for drugs.
    From what it sounds like you are okay with that. 
    You'd rather rapists being on the street and the 'repeat offenders' in jail?
  6. well
    it was the feds was of saying screw medical cannibis… 
    its there way to be able to lock people up when they illegally raiding peoples houses for legal stuff...
  7. I agree on the premise but rape is a bad example as in prison as a rapist you're punishment would be taken to a whole different level. I'd say swap it for agg assault and you'd have a point, in prison you'd have instant cred for whopping someone's ass and going to prison for it.
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    That depends. If he is a convicted felon and was possessing handguns than I'm all for throwing the book at him. Not for the weed but for the handgun violations. Of course this only applies if he is a convicted felon, if not than 55 is excessive.
  9. I didn't say rapist should roam free I'm saying this guy is already a screw up and he screwed up again. Weed is illegal weather way you are missing.the point completely put down your joint for 2 seconds to read the article title he had weapons. Let him frySent from my VS840 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    What if I have a legal firearm but also sell weed, same charge?
    EDIT: Assuming the man who got 55 years had an illegal tool.. that seems like a big no no.. but if it was legal, idk.
    I wonder if the charges would be less.
  11. Ugh, makes me sick.
  12. Hell...murderers spend less time in jail than this! Pretty fucked!
  13. So people have to give up their 2nd amendment to sell or posses cannabis?

    Fuck that.

    All of this by the same govt that told us that cannabis will make blacks and Mexicans rape white women.
    And that cannabis has no medical uses.

    I value their opinions about as much as I value their "facts".
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    If you're a convicted felon than yes and justly so. If you're not a convicted felon than I agree but it's still asking for trouble to have weapons around schedule 1 narcotics (regardless of how we personally view them). I personally just keep OC around vs a gun, I'll take my chances that in their blindness I can seek shelter and reasses.
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    Oh the constitution doesnt protect you when youre breaking the law? Tragic.

    I do agree that it isnt how it should be but cmon dude. It isnt that you cant have a gun, you just cant do it in an illegal fashion. Its like it you had an unregistered weapon, theyd still take it away regardless of the right to bear arms.
  16. Cali corrections systems are so packed some people are doing only 20-50% of their time... I got a year for selling drugs and did 2 months and a couple more months at a furlough
  17. just in a soft ass county jail tho, no prison hahaha
  18. Where does it say that the guns were illegal?

    Also, registration depends on the state you live in.

    This guy growing or possessing cannabis and a firearm at the same time doesn't deserve decades worth of prison time regardless of how it's spun.

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