55% of Americans support legalizing marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by Kogged, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. We have all known this for a while. Even when CNN does those America Marijuana polls it comes out over 50% are in favor
  2. lol, yea but pretty sure that shit was just media gimmicks to attract viewers. i dont know if it was a legitimate poll
  3. Doesn't matter. 100% of the DEA employees want their jobs.

    Government agencies wasting money > What the citizens want
  4. Yea its sad but true
  5. maybe we'll see a change in the 2012 election.

  6. I'm expecting big things in 2012, I couldn't see California not passing legalization this time around, it was a shock last time, I'd be a tragedy in 2012.

  7. Both of the most popular republican candidates want drug reform. I haven't looked into whos running for democrats yet, I'm frustrated with Obama. I'll be voting for a republican this year.
  8. 2 runners for the 2012 presidency support legalization. Ron Paul and that Perry guy, so there is a chance.
  9. I don't get it, how does legalization of mj eliminate the DEA employees jobs?

  10. Also Gary Johnson.

  11. Because marijuana is obviously the DEA's #1 priority. If it was legal, they wouldn't get money to fly their bad ass helicopters. I'm guessing atleast half of the DEA and it's contractors would be out of jobs.

  12. i am too. hell, 2012 just sounds so good. has a ring to it lol. fuck yeah!!!
  13. 2012, the beginning of the end of an era that was supposed to end
  14. Our government is growing too much to allow this to happen. They could care less about the citizens they are supposed to be working for..
  15. Or we can just divert them to more important and productive work :confused_2:

    I don't like the "if we legalize marijuana a bunch of cops and agents will be out of work" argument because I think if we legalize practically, those agents and police can do better things that actually help the American people, like going after REAL criminals, and we have plenty of those in America.
  16. Too bad the percentage that supports it doesn't support it physically by voting. It's one thing to say you believe in something, it's another to prove it.
  17. And a 100% of people in the government don't give a fuck
  18. I think legalization needs more than 55% before people calm down about it. Also, Tommy Chong predicated in an interview that it would be one of Obama's last things in his second term. Despite Obama's poor performance, he can't see a Republican winning.

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