55 gallon bubbleponic concept

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by fuguzilla, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. So I plan on doing a 5 plant system for my first hydroponic grow.


    55 gallon reservoir
    19" tall from the bottom to the top (inside)
    6" net pots (4 1/4" depth from them being placed in the lid)
    120 GPH water pump for the top feed system (and will have an additional pump to drain)
    100 gallon tetra whisper air pump

    So i've read seedlings do not need a top feed system until they're older
    I'll have a 3/4" fill hole drilled in as well
    with an elevation meter installed.

    What else would you suggest for this build?

    Any tips and advice would be appreciated!
    oh yea in case anyone was wondering how my grow room is set up

    60x60x80 Apollo grow tent
    Amare SE450 cob LED's
    Carbon filter system by Apollo (the 17lb one)
    I am in the market for a c02 system and a Trimeter (having a hard time finding info on those or where to buy 1)
    If you think I'm missing anything for my grow please feel free to speak your mind :D

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