540 watt LED Scrog-3x2x6-what kind of yield can I expect?

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  1. Hi,
    I was looking around and don't see too many articles on on LED scrogs.  It's my first time grow(posted under absolute beginners).  I was wondering if people had experience with this, and what sort of yields they had. 
    Strain: I forget...some sort of kush clones, do very well indoors-very indica leaning.
    Lights: 240 watt 6 band(UV/IR), 300 watt 8 band leds.  Taotronics.
    Medium:  DWC w/Canna+other trace element additives(GH+DutchMaster), no mycorrhizae.  UV water filter, hydrogen peroxide treatments. 
    Fans:4" inline duct fan supplemented with small desk fan.  Airflow from bottom out top to carbon filter(suction). 
    Oxygen: 2 aquarium air bubblers in a muffler box.
    CO2: Caramelized sugar/yeast co2 supplementation mechanism in 5 gallon bucket(stable co2 for a 1-2 weeks).
    3-4 weeks into veg.


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  2. Fuck ya bro im going to bye a LED
  3. Need help with this guys-I've got 2 leds in there-240 watt/300watt-for a 3x2x6 space.  Would I be better off taking out one of the lights?  The plants seem to be vegging faster with just the single 300w on...

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