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  1. Whats up Grasscity, Mile High City representing here. First off I know this is a medical board now so it should go without saying, but my partner and I are both legal medical patients and under our recommended plant counts.
    For the 2013 season
    Strains and Plant counts
    Purple Kush: 2
    Blue Dream: 13
    Special Queen: 18
    Sour Candy: 5
    Maui: 1
    Super Skunk: 5
    Flo: 5
    Currently we have (21) 25gal pots and (2) 5gal pot that will be swapped for a 25gal relatively soon. For our larger plants we gave them their own 25gal pots, the rest are on average 3 plants to each pot.
    Soil Mix per 25gal pot (Rough Measurements)
    1cu. ft. VermiFire
    1cu. ft. Happy Frog
    .5cu. ft. Vermiblend
    Handfull of Dolomite Lime
    We don't have a set nutrient schedule, more or less just see how the plants are reacting and feed accordingly. The plants have been in their 25gal. pots for about 3 weeks now, and they did suffer some minor nutrient burn when they were first transplanted, but the soil cooled down enough that we gave them a good feeding yesterday with no burn noticed today.
    Nutrient Lineup (Im sure i missed something)
    Magic Green
    Liquid Karma
    Black Strap Molasses
    Hydro Rush
    Silica Blast
    Grow Big
    Big Bloom
    TIger Bloom
    Shooting Powder
    Beastie Blooms
    Open Sesame
    First pics im going to upload of are them when they were first transplanted. They smaller ones were about 2 week old clones at this point, and most of the larger ones are closer to 1.5months. they were all vegged inside until this point, and we slowly hardened them off from the end of April to the first week of May.

  2. The next set of pictures were taken within the past 3 days. The smaller plants are about 1.5months old, and the larger ones are closer to 2.5months. All of them were topped the day before the pictures were taken, and we moved them closer to make watering and other tasks easier until they need more room. 5 gallon bucket is for size comparison. Also a quick pic of my guard cat. He may look like a sweatheart, but he's vicious and loves to hang around the plants.
  3. Can anyone see the pics I uploaded. I saw them yesterday, but they disappeared today
  4. rule is 1 plant to a pot
  5. Thanks for the comment, but it came off to me as a little rude. I'm 100% positive 3 plants can share 25gal of soil. They were all started in separate pots, and all healthy before being planted together. Also they were clones so there will be no males to cut out. I understand it is optimal to only put 1 plant in each pot, but it is not mandatory. Maybe share the love or at least answer my question one reply higher than yours before you criticize.

    Also since no one seems interested, I will not be updating my journal. Maybe another site will appreciate it a little more
  6. He's not being rude. You're both right in a sense. 25 gallons of soil is a good amount for the number of plants, if not extra... but you don't want to keep your plants in there for long without transplanting... they can kill each other by rooting together and trust me, you don't want that. Much Luck on your grow, and I did not see any pictures!!! So post more so I can see what you're working with.

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