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  1. did you think I would never come back? Quess what time of year it is? Going all out this year.

    So far I got 12 starts. 3 of them are Great White Shark. 6 of them are the no name strain from last year. And for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the last 3. I was told the name but just plain forgot. The first letters of the strain are C R. Does it ring any bells?

    This year I am going for 24lbs from 6 plants in the ground. Then 8lbs from 6 plants in pots.

    Anyway just checking back in.
  2. Been waiting for this one, Subscribed for sure.

    Now start growing TREES :D
  3. Very ambitious goals, love what you do. I'll be around, no question. :smoke:
  4. oh man am i ready for this :hello:

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    You should really linky last years Epic grow in your bio so people can read about your last trees, while they wait for the posts about your new monsters ;)

    Can't wait for this one, your last grow was dialed in, and things are only going to get better!
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    Oh yah no tent this year. I went out and got me a camper van with a big bubble top. I will sleep in that van for a few months. I will park it right in the middle of the grow and camp in my backyard. I got Power,cable, stove, heat, music and can sleep on a real matress. Hell yah

    Also picked up a 2 mile electric fence box. and bunch of sensors. Also picked up and love two 1 year old german shepperds plus the lab and the jack russel. My pomerainian got out into my neighbors pond and could not get out. That was the bummer over the winter.

    I still have a about 3/4 of a whole plant in the large bag. It stayed perfect in the large bags for about 4 months. Then it started getting real dry. I did not mind for I am a cruble dry weed smoker. I like to cruble the buds to near dust like and then smoke. Why? Don't know. The large bag method was the only way I could stay legal. I had 17lbs and was not worried about getting busted. I like that, Just made sure I only had my limit out of the bags at any one time. It worked perfect. Gotta love loop holes.

    I did get some light hey smell after a few months. Probably from all the fan leavs. The bud still smelled ad smoked good. But if you had say a qp you would smell a slight hey smell. Thats the only bad mark on the large bag method. Only the bottom 1/2 of the plants went into the bags. The large colas went into jars/storage. So the buds were not the solid nug type anyway.
  7. Glad to hear you won't be sleeping in the jungle this year haha. Good luck man and can't wait for the pics :D
  8. hell yeah dude subscribed fosho.:smoking:
  9. subbed =)
  10. wait whatt are you parked ina field or some shit or actually parked in your back garden?
  11. scout your ass over I want sit up close for this one-
  12. hey 50 can you elraberate more on this "mattress bag loop hole" did you find out about it from an example that happened to someone or a lawyer that had dealt with this situation?
    I have always found the mattress bag concept a good one but have yet to see it executed other then with yourself-

  13. if you back in this thread you will find the info I think. Yes the head of the oregon THCF Clinic turned me onto the idea. As of last year it was still legal/safe to use this method.

    When the plant is still on the stem/stocks it is not considered dries usable MJ in Oregon law. You can have 6 plants as big as you like as long as they are on the stalk. The lkarge king size matress bag held the large plants with no problems. I then used my vacuum to suck the air out then tape shut.

    There is also a show on Canabus Common Sence that talks about the same method. I will did up the vid later for I am off to work now.


  14. Last year was EPIC, hope you have as much good fortune this year!

    Some of my favorite pics from the last one:






    I'm curious, how was the smell in that garage? Did you have to do anything to keep the whole neighborhood from smelling?
  15. VERY VERY VERY EXCITED! cant wait to see what happens!
  16. Yesssssssss the kings back!
  17. god has come down to earth
  18. SUBSCRIBED!!!! =D Can't wait to see what you do this year!

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